The Leech AND MORE Revealed For Arrow Player’s December Schedule

With the holidays in full force, the monotony of cheery songs and bright lights can be a little much for a lot of people (it’s me, I’m a lot of people). Holiday horror can come in many shapes and sizes, thankfully the streaming service Arrow Player is bringing us an early gift with their December lineup! From a new film starring Graham Skipper, Jeremy Gardner, and Taylor Zaudtke titled The Leech to the Ju-On: The Curse franchise to the supremely underrated Stepfather sequels! Some of these are specific to certain regions, which will be noted below.

The Leech is the latest film from writer/director Eric Pennycoff, who has a fantastic segment in ABCs of Death 2.5 “M is for Mariachi.” This film follows Father David (Graham Skipper) who invites a down-on-his-luck Terry (Jeremy Gardner) into his home while he gets things in his life back on track. Things quickly go south when Terry invites his partner Lexi (Taylor Zaudtke) to stay there. A fun and wild ride that takes turns I didn’t think it would, The Leech is an astounding film for Pennycoff and actors alike.

Terry and Lexi decorate a tree for Father David as a peace offering

Our very own Sean Parker covered The Leech earlier this year for Chattanooga Film Festival, and I mirror nearly everything in the review. Nearly everything I loved about this film Sean did as well. I was trying to think of the best way to describe Skipper’s performance, but Sean nailed it on the head by saying, “Skipper’s performance is remarkable, almost like watching a man slowly turn into a werewolf.” I thoroughly enjoy Graham Skipper’s body of work, but there is just something about his performance here that really stuck out to me.

The Leech is a must-watch film for Christmas. It perfectly shows the downfall of a man who finds it hard to say ‘no’ to those in need; and the people who take advantage of those people. It acts as more of a character study for the majority of the film but never ceases to release that tension. I found myself more anxious than I thought I would be, and by the final moments, I needed a few minutes of silence to myself.

The Leech drops on Arrow Player on December 5th. And if you want to learn more about the film/filmmaker our very own Alix Turner had the opportunity to sit down with Eric Pennycoff for a wonderful interview!

You can check out the photo below to see what else will be coming to Arrow Player this December, as well as the respective regions they are releasing for. Personally, I’m excited for Horror Hospital and Stepfather II III!

Schedule of Arrow Player's 2022 December releases

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