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Until Dawn Film: A New Dawn in Horror Entertainment

Image courtesy of Supermassive Games

With new live-action releases such as Uncharted, Twisted Metal, and The Last of Us, fans are desperate to see more of their favourite titles on the big screen. Following the announcement of Until Dawn’s film adaptation, horror and gaming fans alike were thrilled that the beloved title was receiving the Hollywood treatment.

What Is Until Dawn?

A digital image of a young woman from a video game "Until Dawn". She has blonde hair, hoop earrings, and is wearing a red and white patterned sweater. Her expression is one of worry or fear, as she looks away from the camera with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth. The background is dimly lit and features an out-of-focus silhouette of another character in the shadows, adding to the suspenseful atmosphere of the scene.
Image courtesy of Supermassive Games

Until Dawn is a PlayStation horror video game by Supermassive Games, released in 2015. Eight friends reunite at a remote mountain retreat, but with danger lurking around every corner, the group must fight through the night to stay alive.

The Butterfly Effect truly takes centre stage for Until Dawn’s experience. With multiple storylines and over 250 outcomes, players must use their best judgment to ensure every player survives. If they’re not so careful, then all may perish.

Each group member perfectly embodies a characteristic of the horror genre and is well-complimented by other horror delights, such as menacingly masked killers, Ouija board sessions, saw-like death traps and the flesh-eating Wendigos.

Until Dawn’s Legacy

A tense scene from a video game depicting a woman in a towel facing away from the viewer, looking over her shoulder towards a menacing figure. The figure is a man wearing a blue mechanic's coverall, splattered with blood, and wielding a flamethrower. They are in a dimly lit basement with exposed beams and concrete surroundings, which adds to the ominous atmosphere of the encounter.
Image courtesy of Supermassive Games

The game was a hit among critics and gamers alike, which soon led to several award nominations, securing a BAFTA 2016 for Original Property.

Following the commercial success of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games released two further titles. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was announced in 2015 at Paris Games Week and described as a non-canonical arcade shooter. Additionally, The Inpatient was announced in 2017, a prequel to Until Dawn, set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, sixty years before the original.  

Furthermore, Supermassive Games set out to create The Dark Pictures Anthology. Despite not being directly related to Until Dawn, the series all follow the same Butterfly Effect game style. The series is planned to consist of eight games, four of which have been released: Man of Medan (2019), Little Hope (2020), House of Ashes (2021), and the season one finale, The Devil in Me (2022). A spin-off game titled Switchback VR (2023) was released for PlayStation VR2.

So What Do We Know?

Filmmaker David F. Sandberg will return to his horror roots after signing a new deal to direct Until Dawn, an adaptation of the PlayStation horror video game. Sandberg is an esteemed director, following his previous work, including Shazam!, Lights Out, and Annabelle: Creation.

The film will be produced by Screen Gems and PlayStation Productions, units falling under Sony. Overseeing Screen Gems are newly appointed head Ashley Brucks and Michael Bitar.

Screenwriter Gary Dauberman is doing the most recent pass on the script from writer Blair Butler. Dauberman signed a first-look deal late last year with Screen Gems, and Sony will be producing Until Dawn under his Coin Operated banner.

“As our partnership with Sony Pictures continues to grow, we’re thrilled to be working on our first movie with Screen Gems. Until Dawn is a fan favourite PlayStation game that we can’t wait to bring to the big screen,” Asad Qizilbash, head of PlayStation Productions and head of product for PlayStation Studios, said in a statement.

As our partnership with Sony Pictures continues to grow, we’re thrilled to be working on our first movie with Screen Gems. Until Dawn is a fan favourite PlayStation game that we can’t wait to bring to the big screen

Potential Plot & Actors

The plot for the film is currently unknown, but it is said to be an “R-rated and terrifying love letter to the horror genre, centring on an ensemble cast.”

Given that any or all of the characters can perish in the game, viewers will have to see what direction Sandberg and Dauberman will take with the material.

Several prominent actors who appeared in Until Dawn include Hayden Panettiere, Jordan Fisher, and Oscar-winner Rami Malek. However, whether the original cast will reprise their roles for the live-action adaptation has yet to be confirmed.

In Conclusion

So, are you ready to experience Until Dawn like never before? The announcement of a film adaptation has sent waves of excitement to gaming and horror communities alike. From heart-pumping suspense to plot twists, the game’s storyline captivates players and leaves them on the edge of their seats. And now, this beloved title is making its way to the big screen. While details of the plot are still a mystery, one thing is certain – this is a project that horror fans won’t want to miss.

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