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Salem Horror Fest Returns For Halloween Streaming Event


Salem Horror Fest surprised fans and horror lovers this morning by announcing that they refuse to stay dead even if Salem has been shut down in the wake of rising COVID numbers. Festival director K Lynch is sneaking into the now vacant Cinema Salem to stream “one last picture show.” Lynch has described the festival as a cultural exploration of fear through the lens of horror so returning to the festival’s roots amid an election year during the pandemic that closed the cinema is the kind of commentary suited for Salem Horror.

As the inception of Salem Horror Fest rests directly in response to the 2016 election, the festival has been a proud supporter of hosting films that deconstruct political anxieties. Lynch says, “This year has been a nightmare. And depending on how the election goes, things could get even scarier. The closing of Cinema Salem has been a devastating loss for the community. This [event] is our way of keeping the flame alive and assuring everyone that cinema is undead.”

Starting this evening at 7:30 PM ET, ticket purchasers can tune into Cheap Thrills, a game show hosted by Joe Daniel Montelongo, before diving into a panel on Shudder’s quarantine horror hit, Host, and finishing off tonight’s activities, Coco Cain’s midnight drag show Prime Time Bitch.

Saturday the event will switch gears to a 14-hour marathon of films, featuring festival favorites such as Threshold, Death Drop Gorgeous, and Papi Ramirez vs. Giant Scorpions while offering viewers access to rent other Salem Horror Fest favorites on demand. The highlight of the day will be the premieres of two new features, Bad Candy, an anthology film starring Gremlins’ Zach Gilligan, centers around two DJs telling warped versions of a small town’s Halloween folklore, and Murder Bury Win, about a group of friends who create a board game together before a freak accident during a dispute sends their suspicions of running wild.

Finally, on Sunday, Satanic Temple TV takes over. While accustomed to typically live-streaming rituals, ceremonies, and protests, Sunday they’ll offer presentations on “The Fight Against Witch Hunters” and “Satanic Feminism.” This content will be interwoven with a selection of silent films with new musical scores recorded exclusively for Salem Horror Fest. Phantom of the Opera and Nosferatu will play with a score by Peter Krasinski and Haxan by Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys.

The whole weekend of streaming fun will cost viewers only $13, and additional information can be found on the Salem Horror Fest website.

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Written by Sean Parker

Sean lives just outside of Boston and loves all things horror.

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