Romerobilia: Treasures From the George A. Romero Archival Collection To Be Unearthed

The University of Pittsburgh Library System has announced they will be holding a special live-streamed webinar event entitled: It Came from the Archives! Unearthed treasures from the George A. Romero Archival Collection. Horror fans everywhere have been invited to register for free and get “a look at rare and never before seen materials that will shed new light onto Romero’s films.”

multiple zombies spread out in a field shambling towards the viewer
Night of the Living Dead

The archival Romero collection is a result of donations from the estate of Romero through his widow and daughter, as well as a long time business partner. It includes drafts of produced and unproduced screenplays, shooting schedules, notes by Romero, posters, and behind the scenes audiovisual materials. Romero attended college in Pittsburgh and his most famous film, Night of the Living Dead was filmed in rural areas around Pittsburgh and had its premiere in the same city in 1968.

close-up of a pale mans face with a mouth full of plastic vampire fangs
Martin, plastic fangs and all.

As reported in Bloody Disgusting, fans will

Hear about early versions of familiar classics like Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, scores of unmade projects like War of the Worlds, Before I Wake, Whine of the Faun, and Unholy Fire, collaborations with Stephen King from Creepshow to The Stand and Pet Sematary to The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, unseen photos from behind the scenes of Night of the Living Dead, shooting scripts used on set with Romero’s own handwritten notes and revisions, and much, much, more.

Some of these items are already previewed on the Library System Horror Studies page, including a Night of the Living Dead shooting script, a treatment for an early version of Romero’s vampire-classic Martin, and a note on hotel stationery containing the early idea for Bub from Day of the Dead. The University has plans to develop a wide-ranging academic resource for research into all areas of horror and science fiction studies. Interested horror fans can take a look for themselves on the University of Pittsburgh Library System’s Horror Studies department page.

male zombie wearing headphones, a bloody, gloved hand reaches into the frame
Bub from Day of the Dead.

The It Came from the Archives! webinar will live-stream for free on Tuesday, February 9th at 7 p.m. Central time. Registration is required.

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