Enys Men Trailer Promises a Folk Horror Nightmare

I have to be honest, I have absolutely no clue what’s going on in the Enys Men trailer. I don’t know what the story is, I don’t know who the characters are, and I sure as hell don’t know what all that creepy imagery is about. It feels like a smorgasbord of random shots, and you know what? I love it. Here’s what the film is about:

A wildlife volunteer on an uninhabited island off the British coast descends into a terrifying madness that challenges her grip on reality and pushes her into a living nightmare. Evoking the feeling of discovering a reel of never-before-seen celluloid unspooling in a haunted movie palace, this provocative and masterful vision of horror asserts Mark Jenkin as one of the U.K.’s most exciting and singular filmmakers.

That’s a pretty vague plot description, but given how indecipherable the trailer is, I’m not surprised. It looks like the distributor doesn’t want us to know anything about the plot of Enys Men, and the way I see it, that’s probably a good thing. It means the film is most likely going to be a wild ride with at least a couple of really shocking surprises, and that alone is enough to get me interested.

Then, when you add in the super creepy trailer, Enys Men shoots right to the top of my most-anticipated list. The dream-like atmosphere and chilling imagery make this feel like a 90-second nightmare, so I can only imagine what the full movie is going to be like!

The only bad thing in all this is that Enys Men doesn’t have a release date yet. It’s supposed to be “coming soon,” so it seems like it’ll probably be out sometime next year. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine, but when we here at Horror Obsessive learn more about the film’s release, we’ll be sure to let you all know.

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Written by JP Nunez

JP Nunez is a lifelong horror fan. From a very early age, he learned to love monsters, ghosts, and all things spooky, and it's still his favorite genre today.

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