Bill Skarsgard Cast in Crow Reboot

There’s been talk of a reboot of the 1994 film, The Crow, for some time. It was recently announced that Bill Skarsgard had been cast as the titular character, a supernatural superhero who returns from the dead seeking revenge. Rupert Sanders will direct, and Zach Baylin is writing the script. 

Skarsgard is best-known for taking on the role of Pennywise in the 2017 remake of It and It Chapter Two (2019). Sanders’ directing credits include Snow White and The Huntsman (2012), Ghost in the Shell (2017), and the pilot episode of the Apple TV+ science fiction series Foundation. Baylin wrote the screenplay for Oscar-nominated King Richard.

The 1994 film, The Crow, tells the story of musician Eric Draven who comes back from the dead after he and his fiancé, Shelly, are murdered by a gang. He gains superpowers that help him get revenge on the killers. The Crow is a story of revenge set in a gritty urban landscape. Brandon Lee played the titular character, and tragically, died during production. Alex Proyas directed and David J. Schow and John Shirley wrote the screenplay. 

The 1994 film was based on a graphic novel of the same name written by James O’Barr, published in 1989. Screen Rant reports that the original film was a financial success. With a $23 million budget, the film grossed more than $94 million. Three sequels followed: The Crow: City of Angels (1996) starred Vincent Perez, Mia Kirschner, and Iggy Pop; The Crow: Salvation (2000), starred Eric Mabius, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, and Kirsten Dunst, and The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005) starred Edward Furlong, David Boreanaz, Tara Reid, and Dennis Hopper, and a TV Show, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (1998-1999), starred Mark Dacascos. None of the sequels or the TV show were well-received but gained a cult following over the years.  A man wearing white face paint and black lips grimaces into the camera.

Talk of a reboot circulated for the past decade before the latest announcement with Skarsgard joining the cast. Many different directors and actors have been discussed since with the first being Rob Zombie. After Zombie, Blade director Stephen Norrington was going to take on the project. Before Skarsgard, Jason Momoa was announced to play Draven with Corin Hardy directing. Hardy directed The Hallow (2015), The Nun (2018), the fifth film in The Conjuring Universe, and most recently, four episodes of the TV series Gangs of London on the British pay-television channel Sky Atlantic. 

Movieweb reports that Hardy is still interested in making his version of The Crow: “It’s a story that I’m just in love with and wedded towards and I put three and a half, four years of life into and love and blood and sweat and tears, and I have a ton of materials, so I don’t know whether one day…I suppose I’m not really wanting to show them because I still believe there will be a Crow sometime, but we’ll see,” he said. “I do think both James O’Barr’s original Crow graphic novel and the subsequent other iterations of that character in the comic books, there’s no reason not to do a lot more with that character, the concept of The Crow, the mythology of The Crow, and the tone and what that represents is still unique within the world we’re in at the moment.”

There’s no further information available on the reboot.

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