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Old Man Leatherface Is Back in New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer

Well, it’s finally here. Leatherface finally returns after nearly 50 years (in this timeline) in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer.

Time for another requel, my friends. It looks like Halloween has really made an impact because now Texas Chainsaw Massacre is following in its footsteps and creating a new timeline, bringing back Sally and doing away with all of its sequels. So, what do we think?

Honestly, the trailer doesn’t do much in terms of building up any sort of excitement like the Halloween (2018) trailer did, but it does its job at setting up a general plot and introducing its new and legacy characters. Leatherface himself doesn’t look too bad, having a decently scary-looking mask that reminds me of Harold the Scarecrow from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

That being said, there are some pretty cool shots in the trailer. The obvious one is Leatherface standing in the middle of the field near the start of the trailer. My personal favorite shot is when Leatherface is standing in the rain as a bus drives by—simple, but the way Leatherface is standing gives off some great ’74 vibes. There’s really nothing too offensive in this trailer if I’m being honest. It’s a very cut and dry “this is what you get” sort of trailer, and that’s fine with me. I’m not one to judge a movie too quickly off of a trailer or any promotion it receives, because, well, movies just don’t always get perfect marketing.

The overall vibe of the trailer seems safe. As we all know, it’d take a miracle to live up to Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece, and look, that’s fine. I think we should be at a point in time that whenever a sequel to a movie comes out, we can stop comparing it to the original. Would it be great if it was as good as the original? Absolutely. Does it have to be? Absolutely not.

The trailer does its job, and although it does seem to hold back and leave us with a lot of questions, let’s all hope we find the answers when it releases.

When does it release? I’m glad you asked. You can stream Texas Chainsaw Massacre starting on February 18th on Netflix.

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Written by Bronson West

Bronson fell in love with horror (mainly slashers) at the age of 6 when he watched Halloween at his babysitter's. Fitting, right? He also thinks he's funny, but apparently that's up for debate.

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