Letters to Satan Claus: Jamie Lee Interviews Mike Zara

Mind your Ps and Qs…and Ns…or you might just be inviting Satan to your holiday party instead of Santa.

Watch Letters to Satan Claus on Syfy on Christmas Day at 12:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM CT or 8:00 PM ET/ 7:00 PM CT or stream it for free anytime on Syfy’s website!

Letters to Satan Claus premiered on the Syfy channel on December 19, 2020. The film centers around Holly Frost, a news reporter who wrote a letter to Santa as a child; however, a simple spelling mistake sends her letter to Satan instead. Satan fulfilled her Christmas wish with a wicked twist, turning Holly against everything Christmas-related. Now, Holly has to return to her hometown of Ornaments to report on their annual Christmas celebration, and Satan isn’t far behind.

Jamie Lee talked with the film’s writer, Mike Zara, about all things Letters to Satan Claus. They discussed how a general meeting with Syfy turned into an opportunity to write this twisted “Hellmark” movie, the plethora of references (and tongue-in-cheek jabs) to Christmas and to Hallmark, how “the Ghost of Christmas” made the writing process flow and may have snuck in some references even Zara wasn’t aware of at first, how LGBTQ+ characters and themes grew into a key part of the film, how COVID-19 affected production after filming began in March, and so much more.

Video embedded with Jamie Lee’s permission.

Letters to Satan Claus is a fun film with a sharp sense of humor. Whether you’re looking for something fun or a devilish departure from cheesy Christmas movies, it’s easy to find something to enjoy in it. It’s goofy and clever enough not to turn away non-horror fans, and it’s twisted and sardonic enough to add an edge for not only horror fans but also anyone looking for a little more bite in their holiday fare. Laughing and fighting Satan sure can feel cathartic after all that’s occurred for each of us in 2020.

Uncover his hidden holiday gem for yourself and share it during a virtual holiday watch party for some extra fun. Try to suss out all the references, including subtle visual puns, or just laugh at each new character’s Christmassy name.

According to Zara, what’s next for Holly Frost, Satan Claus, and the town of Ornaments is up to ratings and audience response. If you enjoy Letters to Satan Claus and want more sardonic, twisted holiday horror hilarity, be sure to let Syfy know! Until then, be extra careful with your spelling…and watch out for hot air balloons.

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  1. I loved it. Watched it on christmas day. Loved it like a hallmark but not. Lol. The play on words and the ending was great. Good kills and I laugh at parts and jumped at parts. The devil was cool and sets spot on. Thank you.

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