A Chance To Win a Free Shudder Subscription For 6 Months

25YL & Shudder Team Up For The Horror Contest Of The Summer

25YL & Shudder are teaming up for a contest where the winner will receive free Shudder Streaming services for six months! Don’t worry, if you’re already a Shudder customer, you can still enter. Shudder has agreed to add six free months to the account of the winner if you’re already a subscriber. No horror fans turned away!

The contest is simple and can be entered through either Twitter or Facebook. On Twitter, all you have to do is make sure you’re following both @25YLSite & @Shudder and then retweet this post. That’s it; you’re entered. On Facebook, it’s the same. Make sure you’ve liked both 25YL and Shudder’s official pages, share this post (tag 25YL so we can keep track) and you’re entered. It’s that simple.

You can enter to win starting Monday, August 12th, 2019 and the contest closes Saturday, August 24th, 11:59 ET. On Sunday, August 25th, ten entrants from Twitter and Facebook each will be randomly chosen. The following day, on 25YL social media, there will be a live video of Editor in Chief Andrew Grevas selecting the winner from those randomly selected the day before. (25YL employees past and present aren’t eligible to win). Any questions, please email Andrew (

About 25YL: 25YL is quickly becoming an entity to watch within the horror industry, offering more in-depth analysis rather than just reviews. 25YL is committed to looking at horror from both past and present, independent and major studios, from all over the globe. In addition to interviews, news, horror podcasts and more. We are also where you can find all of your obsessions in one place. Not only will you love our horror content, but we guarantee we have more you’ll love too.

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