Pablo’s Eyes: A Thriller Short

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

It was November of 1993, and I was a 21-year-old woman named Catherine living in a small town in Wyoming. At that age, I believed that life was about to take a joyful turn, but little did I know that a dark and horrifying chapter was about to begin.

You see, my father was an old-fashioned man, determined to safeguard our family’s traditions no matter the cost. He insisted that I should get married and settle down, as was the norm back then. Reluctantly, I agreed, hoping that he would find someone who genuinely made my heart flutter. 

From the moment I first saw him, an unsettling feeling crept up my spine. Pablo was a man of a “too” perfect appearance that made him look quite creepy. His extremely long, black hair seemed to blend into the shadows, while his pale and thin figure made him appear creepy. With bloodshot eyes and a perpetually crooked grin, he left a disturbing imprint on my memory.

On the eve of our wedding day, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of being watched. Every corner I turned, every mirror I glanced into, I felt his presence lurking in the shadows. Pablo was stalking me, and fear consumed my every thought. I confided in my close friend, Pam, about the guy, but she brushed it off, claiming it was the pre-wedding jitters. But it wasn’t just my imagination. The stalking intensified as the days went by. Pablo would appear outside my window, standing motionless, his cold eyes locked onto mine. Each time I tried to confront him, he would disappear into thin air, leaving behind an eerie trail of silence.

My wedding day arrived at the local church my father worked in. As I walked down the aisle, my heart pounding, I caught a glimpse of Pablo standing amongst the guests. His presence sent shivers down my spine, distracting me from the love and happiness that should have encompassed the day. Once the vowels were already said, he whispered once again, “Til DEATH to us part”. I definitely did not like him. Days turned to weeks, and the more I tried to convince my father that something was up, the more he dismissed it. Little did I know at the time that Pablo was one of Boston’s most fatal assassins & had murdered his ex-wife years ago, more like a fatal attraction.

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Written by Denise Smith

Born in Pennslyvania, aside from my e-commerce hobby, I've always loved watching horror movies, mysteries, and thrillers. When I was a teenager, this inspired me to start writing horror & thriller stories. Ever since, I've come up with over 20 horror shorts, such as Pablo's Eyes, Claire & The Masked Killer.

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