Talk to Me is Getting a Very Well-Deserved Sequel

In a beautiful coincidence I sat down to watch Talk to Me last night at my local cinema and, whilst waiting for the film to start, was told that A24 had already greenlit a sequel. I was already excited for the movie having read a number of glowing reviews and seeing its box office numbers exceed all expectations so to see that it was going to get a sequel put my expectations through the roof, and it delivered. If there is a recent original horror film that deserved a sequel it is most definitely this one.

The first film centers on a group of teenagers who have come into possession of a hand that allows them to talk with, and become possessed by, spirits when they hold it. The only rule with it is that they can’t hold it for more than ninety seconds otherwise the spirits will want to stay. Obviously, this rule is broken (we wouldn’t have a film if it wasn’t) and supernatural chaos ensues.

Mia, Sophie Wilde, has her head thrown back across a chair whilst having black eyes and looking distressed.

No details of the plotline have been divulged about the sequel as of yet but we do know it is going to be directed by twin brother duo Danny and Michael Philippou who directed the first with Danny and Bill Hinzman returning to write the screenplay.

The Philippou’s also announced a couple of days prior that they had already filmed a prequel that addresses the prologue of the film. It was said to have been filmed concurrently with the first movie but no other details about it are currently known.  

I, for one, could not be more excited for both the prequel and sequel that are to come. Talk to Me is one of the best horror films I’ve seen this year with some genuinely scary sequences and brilliant practical effects. Having watched a lot of YouTube growing up I’ve always been aware of RackaRacka and the Philippou’s filmmaking talent and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us on the big screen.

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Written by Tom Bailey

Tom is a film reviewer that absolutely loves finding diamonds in the rough and shining a light on them in the hopes they get the recognition they deserve! Other than a massive horror junkie, he also love football (soccer) and is massively devoted to Arsenal FC. He also writes for his own blog

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