No One Hides From The Hunter In Final Remnant 2 Archetype Trailer

Image courtesy of Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games

In just four days, for early access, Remnant 2 will be here. From the moment I heard it was coming out, Remnant 2 was top of my list for most anticipated games of 2023. With new creatures, more lore, and a completely revamped archetype structure, this game looks to be one for the ages. With just days away we have been graced with the final archetype reveal trailer, this time for The Hunter! When there is an option to pick class types I usually find myself leaning towards a hunter-like class. Let’s take a quick look at some of the goodies that come along with being The Hunter.

The three archetypes hunt the Mothermind
Image courtesy of Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games

As usual with a hunter class, The Hunter is geared towards long-range precision-based gameplay. We get a rundown on some of the team, utility, and relic perks, but where it really gets spicy is with the class-based perks. One of the Prime Perks of The Hunter is Dead To Rights. This perk deals 55 Base Ranged Weakspot damage and extends the duration of active Hunter Skills by 3.5 seconds. Sounds like it’s time to chain some kills! Combining this with the unique ability Mark, which increases your critical chance on marked enemies by 15% for all allies, makes The Hunter a necessary addition to any team.

The skill I’m really looking forward to is Hunter’s Focus. As someone who ADS’ too much, it feels like this was meant for me. With Hunter’s Focus, aiming down the sights will mark a target. If you continue to ADS for one second you will enter a focused state. In the focused state, you will find weapon spread, recoil, and sway reduced by 75%, plus you will gain 25% ranged and ranged weak spot damage, with a bonus addition of 10% ranged critical chances. Before this trailer, I was on the fence about which character I would play first. Not anymore.

The team hunts the Ravager
Image courtesy of Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games

If you want a deeper look into more of The Hunter’s skills and perks, make sure to check out the trailer! (Or just watch it if you’re like me and obsessively watching all of the trailers because you’re too hyped.)

You can preorder Remnant 2 now from PlayStation® Network, Xbox Network, Steam, or Epic Games Store. Prepare. Fight. Survive.

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