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New Trailer For Remnant 2 Shows Us That Failure Is Not An Option

Image courtesy of Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games

There couldn’t have been a better day to release the “Introduction to the World of Remnant” trailer. Stepping outside this morning to the sidewalks of New York, I was met with a blood-orange sky, the streets smothered in a thick haze, all while the heavy smell of smoke permeated through my mask. Today, it truly felt like I stepped into a realm in Remnant. And right on the heels of the news regarding Remnant 2‘s revamped archetype system. We now get a new trailer taking us on a bit of a tour through the world of Remnant. 

Our character approaches a monster holding a long bladed weapon with a flat blunt end
Image courtesy of Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games

The news of the archetype system update comes as a delight to the game’s many fans and helps build the hype for the upcoming game. Now we are getting a bit of a deeper look into the world, as well as some commentary from Founder Ford. After catching us up with a quick recap, Founder Ford chronicles our rebuilding of society while giving us a dire warning: as long as The Root exists, we will be hunted. And that’s where we come in. The myriad of realms in Remnant: From The Ashes took on a life of their own and were vast networks of horrors beyond our imagination. With Remnant 2, it looks as if we will be getting bigger, badder, and bolder realms.

As with Remnant, there is once again a heavy emphasis on looting for crafting-related purposes. The new trailer shows what appears to be a handful of the weapons and modifications you can make for them. So it will be necessary to scavenge every nook and cranny of the map because don’t forget you’re going up against god-like bosses.

Check out the new trailer for Remnant 2 by clicking the image below, and wishlist it now! Remnant 2 is set for release this summer.

Introduction to Remnant II shows three silhouetts walking up steps looking at debris in the air.

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