Evil Dead Rise Director Lee Cronin’s Next Project Has Been Revealed!

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Lee Cronin is quickly becoming one of my favorite horror directors working today. His first movie, The Hole in the Ground, was awesome, and while I haven’t seen Evil Dead Rise yet, the trailers and the early reviews from SXSW make me very confident that it’s going to be another winner. So naturally, I’m really interested to see what Lee Cronin does next, and now, we know exactly what his third feature is going to be.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Lee Cronin’s next film will be called Thaw, and while we don’t know too much about the project, the little bit we do know is pretty promising. Here’s what it’s going to be about according to THR:

Set years after the polar ice caps have melted and sea levels have risen, the story of Thaw centers on a group of survivors at sea searching for a new home. Their prayers are answered with the discovery of an inhabitable town, that is, until they encounter a new nightmare living just below the water’s surface.

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To be fair, that plot synopsis doesn’t tell us too much about the movie, but in a somewhat paradoxical way, that ambiguity makes it even more exciting. This “new nightmare” could be just about anything, and as any hardcore horror fan will tell you, what you don’t know is almost always scarier and more intriguing than what you do know. That holds true for both movies and brief plot synopses of upcoming movies, so I absolutely can’t wait to find out more about this mysterious monster.

On top of that, THR also tells us that Lee Cronin is going to rewrite the current draft of the script for Thaw, and that gives us even more reason to look forward to this movie. He wrote both The Holy in the Ground and Evil Dead Rise, so this guy isn’t just a great director. He’s a great writer as well, and that bodes very well for this next project.

As of now, not much else is known about Thaw, but as always, when we here at Horror Obsessive learn more about the film, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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