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Will There Be Friday the 13TH, Part 13?

Producer Roy Lee, who brought horror fans films such as The Ring, Poltergeist (2015), Blair Witch, and IT (2017), recently hinted that there may be yet another installment of Friday the 13th.  Lee dropped the hint recently on Blood Disgusting’s The Boo Crew Podcast, saying, “That one is something that I would love to talk about. You may be hearing something by year’s end… on that front.”

In 2018, Lee’s production company, Vertigo Entertainment, was set to produce a new Friday the 13th movie. However, the franchise was caught up in a legal battle between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham. Miller wrote the first film, and Cunningham directed. In September 2021, Miller won the domestic rights to the franchise. However, Cunningham still owns the character of adult Jason, introduced in the sequels to the original film. Both parties will have to come to some sort of agreement for another installment to be made. However, according to multiple sources, Lee’s comments hint that perhaps Miller and Cunningham have reached an agreement, and maybe Lee can move forward with a 13th installment of Friday the 13th.Jason gets a new mask in Jason X.

Friday the 13th started in 1980 with a low-budget slasher about a little place called Camp Crystal Lake, aka Camp Blood. Camp counselors begin to die at the hands of an unseen killer in the most gruesome ways imaginable. I think we all know how that ends—the killer isn’t Jason in the first film. Instead, it’s his grieving mother, Pamela, out for revenge. We actually don’t meet Jason until Friday the 13th Part 2, in which he wears a sack mask. Horror fans have followed Jason ever since. He eventually found his signature hockey mask. He left Camp Crystal Lake and went to New York City, and even outer space. It only leaves one to wonder… what adventure awaits Jason in Part 13?

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