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Friday the 13th Prequel Series Coming to Peacock

It was just the Halloween treat so many of us wanted. After many long, grueling years of no activity from the Friday the 13th franchise, new content is coming. The catch being there will be no Jason Voorhees.

As first reported by Variety, Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) will be working with Victor Miller on a Friday the 13th prequel series for the streaming service Peacock, which has seen huge success by being the exclusive streaming home to the last two Halloween films on their day of their release.

If the name Victor Miller is ringing a bell to you (besides seeing his name in the credits), it’s because Miller has been involved in a long-standing lawsuit with producer Sean Cunningham over the rights to the franchise. The most recent court ruling says that Miller owns the rights to the original film, whereas Cunningham owns the rights to the Jason Voorhees character. Hence the Friday the 13th prequel series we’re getting here.

Jason Voorhees drowns at Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th
Jason Voorhees drowns at Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th

Although it’s not a full-length feature film, nor will it involve Jason Voorhees, a Friday the 13th prequel series with Bryan Fuller at the helm is promising. We’re obviously going back to Camp Crystal Lake. What possible twists and turns to the mythology of the franchise could we be looking at here? Will Pamela Voorhees be a central figure or will Fuller, Miller, and team go in a different direction? There are a lot of questions here to ask and no answers as of yet.

No casting details or intended shooting schedules have been mentioned but stay tuned to Horror Obsessive for more updates as they come in. Jason might not be there but any trip back to Camp Crystal Lake is exciting and we, like many other horror fans out there, will be along for the ride.

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Written by Andrew Grevas

25YL Media Founder

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