Is Resident Evil Outbreak File #3 On Its Way?

A new Resident Evil game is coming and reports seem to indicate that it could be the third installment of the Outbreak spin-off which has been the dream of hardcore RE fans for years. A few weeks ago Capcom began teasing us that they’d be holding a series of fan events across Japan and America next month. The events where being held relating to a new in-development RE game!!

Speculation has been rife ever since that it was going to be a remake of RE Nemesis, RE 8; an HD remaster of the original Outbreak games or even a Dino Crisis remake. I know that I personally would love a remake of the original Outbreak games as there was so much potential there when they were initially released. Well, today Capcom has teased us even further by releasing a code-name of Project: Resistance and informing us that they’ll be revealing the game on September 9th. Be still my beating heart!!

Project REsistance promo

This was already enough to get me excited, but following the tease Reddit user, u/5eye-samurai has been doing some digging around in the live stream on YouTube. You would think a live stream of nothing more than a teaser poster would bring up nothing… but you’d be wrong. Some thumbnails have been found which appear to reveal that the game could indeed by Resident Evil Outbreak File #3. 

The images show what appear to be high school students with one guy wearing a varsity jacket, another girl in a yellow hoodie, a punk-looking girl and another guy in a green shirt. They just look like regular people, which was very much the focus of the original Outbreak games. You played as civilians during the initial outbreak in Raccoon City and had to work together to find a cure for your own infection and ultimately escape the doomed city. The secret endings of the game involved certain characters testifying in Court against Umbrella, meaning that these characters had very become a resistance.

The images are small but they do exist, and they definitely came from Capcom’s live stream.

Resident Evil Outbreak File 3 tease

The original Outbreak games were quite ahead of their time as they were meant to be played online with other people around the world. Sadly, it just wasn’t possible with the servers at the time, so they never got to reach their full potential. But can you imagine what a new Outbreak could be like on today’s consoles and servers?

Capcom is still very much interested in online multiplayer games as they released the poorly received Umbrella Corps a few years ago. Personally I loved UC but it was too different for a lot of other fans, so it didn’t do as well as expected. Their interest is why it makes sense for them to make another Outbreak at some point. Us fans have been asking for the third installment for almost 20 years and I will probably cry with joy if this all turns out to be true.

The original games had some really unique environments including Raccoon City Zoo, abandoned Subway tunnels, and a University as well as giving players the chance to revisit classic locations such as the Police Station, the hospital and the Labs where William Birkin created the G-Virus. After all these years there’s still so much of Raccoon City left to see and an Outbreak game would be the perfect way to do it.

We actually don’t have long to wait until the game is officially revealed (11 days actually) and I don’t know if I can even wait that long. I’ve been a huge fan of the RE franchise since day one so the thought of a new game is something that excites me a lot. I’ve yet to be let down by Capcom so roll on September 9th.


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Written by Martin Hearn

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