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Halloween Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Series?

So, you’re a fan of the Halloween films, huh? Let’s test your knowledge on this classic horror franchise here in this 15 question Halloween quiz and see if you’re more of a final girl, if you’ll make it to the sequel, or if you’re a forgettable victim early in the film. Be sure to share your results and see how your friends do compared to you!


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  • Question of

    Which future star was in contention for the role of Jamie Lloyd?

    Danielle Harris played a lead role in both Halloween 4 and 5 as a child.
    • Elizabeth Berkley
    • Amy Adams
    • Melissa Joan Hart
    • Leah Remini
  • Question of

    Who provides the voice of Annie’s boyfriend Paul in the original Halloween?

    Annie by the hedge in Halloween
    • Nick Castle
    • John Carpenter
    • Tommy Lee Wallace
    • Brian Andrews
  • Question of

    What was the name of the gentlemen’s club referenced in both the original Halloween & Rob Zombie’s Halloween?

    • Last Stop Inn
    • Diamonds
    • High on the Hill
    • Rabbit in Red Lounge
  • Question of

    Which film first mentions the Cult of Thorn by name?

    Thorn ritual in Halloween 6.
    • The Return of Michael Myers
    • The Revenge of Michael Myers
    • The Curse of Michael Myers
    • Season of the Witch
  • Question of

    Who was the voice of the announcer in the Silver Shamrock ads in Season of the Witch?

    A man and woman observing Halloween masks in a store
    • Tommy Lee Wallace
    • John Carpenter
    • Alan Howarth
    • Nigel Kneale
  • Question of

    What’s the name of Laurie’s crush in Halloween, who dies in a car accident in Halloween 2?

    • Brad Wallace
    • Anthony Divers
    • Kevin Hughes
    • Bennett Tramer
  • Question of

    Rick Rosenthal directed which two installments of the franchise?

    Michael Myers' look/mask in Halloween: Resurrection
    • 2 & 4
    • 4 & 5
    • 4 & H20
    • 2 & Resurrection
  • Question of

    Which special effects artist was brought in after Halloween 4’s violence was deemed “too soft” and another day of filming ordered?

    Michael rises up from the other side of the bed and locks eyes with Jamie.
    • Tom Savini
    • John Carl Buechler
    • Greg Nicotero
    • David W. Allen
  • Question of

    Who portrayed Michael in H20

    Halloween H20 movie cover
    • Nick Castle
    • George P Wilbur
    • Chris Durand
    • Dick Warlock
  • Question of

    When was Michael Myers born?

    Young Michael Myers in clown costume.
    • October 31st, 1957
    • October 31st, 1958
    • October 19th, 1957
    • June 6th, 1966
  • Question of

    Who does Laurie instruct Tommy Doyle & Lindsey Wallace to take shelter with?

    Tommy Doyle & Lindsay Wallace watching scary movies in Halloween
    • Sherriff Bracket
    • Joe Mackenzie
    • Mrs. Stewart
    • Tommy’s parents
  • Question of

    Haddonfield is located in which US state?

    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • New Jersey
    • California
  • Question of

    Which film in the franchise is the least successful financially?

    Michael Myers' look in Halloween (2018)
    • Resurrection
    • Rob Zombie’s H2
    • Season of the Witch
    • Revenge of Michael Myers
  • Question of

    Michael was originally going to kill which character by shoving scissors down her throat until the actress objected?

    Michael Myers stands wielding a knife, admiring a recent kill with a deathly stare.
    • Annie
    • Rachel
    • Jamie
    • Tina
  • Question of

    In the original timeline, Laurie Strode’s birth name was?

    Michael breaks through glass to grab Laurie.
    • Laurie Myers
    • Cynthia Myers
    • Angel Myers
    • Michelle Myers

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