Shudder Releases Trailer for Urban Legend Horror Elevator Game


Elevator Game, a new creepy teen horror is making its way onto Shudder on September 15th, and its new trailer has me very intrigued.

From Director Rebekah McKendry, who directed Shudders Glorious, Elevator Game will premiere next month on the streaming platform and Shudder has uploaded a suspenseful and jump-scare-fueled trailer to their Youtube channel.

Take a look below at the new epic poster for the movie.

Poster for Elevator Game, a woman stands inside the elevator with a spirit behind her

Elevator Game will follow the intense journey of socially awkward teenager Ryan who is searching for his sister who he believes went missing playing the mysterious ‘elevator game’ which gained popularity as an online urban legend. This leads to Ryan playing the game himself with the very group that he believes was responsible for the disappearance of his sister and results in the group bringing home an evil entity, or so the trailer suggests when we see the group suddenly find themselves being haunted by the infamous ‘5th-floor woman’ who is supposed to get onto the elevator with you during the game. 

I am excited about Elevator Game. I have always enjoyed urban legends, and as a believer in the supernatural, I always like to believe there is some truth behind each one. The elevator game is a somewhat modern take on a ghost story, and the movie definitely captures the modern feel when we see Ryan’s sister at the beginning of the trailer break the main rule of the game by looking at the 5th-floor woman through her phone’s front camera. In a way, this modern take may be even more creepy than simply just turning around to see her, or imagining she may be there, because you literally see an evil entity lurking behind yourself in an image, and there’s nothing that can be done. Using a smartphone is a way that will tie in the horrors of seeing such a spirit to something people do most days: taking a selfie. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m sitting here watching at night in the darkness, but the trailer to Elevator Game is very scary to me and has me thinking everything in the room around me is moving and someone is definitely watching me. But that’s what you want from a great horror, isn’t it? For me it is, and I hope that means this flick will be full of thrills and keep me awake all night. 

I recommend heading over to the Shudder YouTube channel and checking out the trailer for Elevator Game. I know I’m going to enjoy it and will be bringing our readers my thoughts after the movie hits the streaming platform on September 15th. 

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Written by Abbie Sears

Abbie is a British writer for Horror Obsessive and 25 Years Later. She loves Halloween and horror films, her favourite horror series is Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses/Devils Rejects/3 From Hell franchise, she is also a huge of David Lynch and David Cronenberg.

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