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"The Ghost of the Sainte Claire Hotel" by eschipul is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Do you have a strange, unexplained paranormal experience that you would like to share? Maybe you and your friends had an unsettling encounter while doing some amateur ghost-hunting, or maybe something bizarre happened to you when you were all alone in your own home! How about a supernatural legend in your local area, or a spine-chilling ghost story that was passed down to you from a grandparent or older member of your community?

Whatever your paranormal experience or story is, we want to hear about it! Use the form below to submit your story for a chance to have your paranormal story published and narrated on our site.

Crows perch atop a derelict farmhouse with a green roof in a rural area surrounded by an overgrown field.
“Haunted House” by Trostle is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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