Arrow Video’s November Lineup of Cult Films Keep the Halloween Spirit Alive

Arrow recently launched its new streaming platform Arrow Video in the US and Canada, and already boasts a selection of cult classics, hidden gems, and iconic horror films, all curated by the Arrow Video team. Arrow Video’s November lineup will include the launch of Ban This Sick Filth!, a rotating catalog highlighting some of the most controversial films ever made, including We Are the Flesh, Orgies of Edo, The Baby, The Woman, and Bat Pussy.

The lineup began November 2nd with The El Duce Tapes, the new X-rated music documentary about the self-styled “King of Sleaze”. ARROW will also debut the Essential Giallo Collection, the Female Prisoner Scorpion Collection, and, as an exclusive, He Came From the Swamp: The William Grefé Collection, including Sting of Death, Death Curse of Tartu, Mako: Jaws of Death, and more.

November 9th will kick off with Burst City and Ban this Sick Filth! Presents: Rebel Yell, a season of ARROW films that celebrate the angry howl of youth in revolt and the ever-identifiable need to go your own way, be yourself, find your people, or just let loose a cathartic scream. Highlights include Deadbeat at Dawn, Teenage Yakuza, and more.

Montage of AGFA movie posters

November 13th begins with international cooperation, featuring a curated collection of ARROW favorites from the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA), including Lake of Dracula, Pit Stop, and The Wizard of Gore. In a partnership with AGFA, ARROW is proud to stream a number of their titles, including Effects, The Zodiac Killer, Take It Out in Trade, Lady Street Fighter, and more. Asia Extreme will also launch with a collection of Essential titles from East Asia.

Ban this Sick Filth! will also present two lineups on the 13th. Renegade Women focuses on women smashing the glass ceiling to disobey, disrupt, and do things their own way. Highlights include I Was a Teenage Serial Killer, A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life, Season of the Witch, She-Devils on Wheels, The Witch Who Came from the Sea, and Blind Woman’s Curse. “Effed Up Families”, a pack of dysfunctional-family horror flicks, uniting Wes Craven’s cannibal classic The Hills Have Eyes, Toys Are Not For Children, Russian dad-from-hell comedy Why Don’t You Just Die!, Freudian vengeance slasher Blood Rage, and more.

ARROW aims to also be home to an ever-growing collection of interviews, documentaries and additional extras, newly created just for the service and from our archives. It sounds like ARROW is shaping up to make an excellent accompaniment to a Shudder subscription for horror and cult movies.

ARROW is available in the US and Canada on Android devices, Fire TV,  Roku, and online.

Arrow Video is also offering fans a 30 day free trial of ARROW, and subscriptions are available for $4.99 monthly or $49.99 annually. A UK rollout is planned in 2021.

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