Actress Morgan Boss-Maltais Discusses Her Latest Horror Film Aged

Harrow House Films’ Aged is available now on VOD and digital. The description for the film reads:

After taking a temporary job as a caregiver, a young woman realizes her employer and the house have a dangerous, dark past. Actress Morgan Boss-Maltais plays the role of Veronica Grey, a caregiver whose worst nightmares come true when she finds herself in a mysterious, decaying home taking care of the wretched Mrs. Bloom (Carla Kidd). We spoke to Morgan about what it was like creating Aged and much more.

Aged was written and directed by Anubys Lopez.

Half of a woman's faced with a worried look.

How did you get involved with Aged?

My roommate (who happens to be Bria D’aguanno—Emily Bloom) sent me the audition on a Facebook casting page and I decided to submit. That’s when I was asked to send in a self-tape!

What was your initial reactions when you first read the Aged script?

I was really intrigued by it! I grew up watching scary movies with my dad and hadn’t really seen anything like this done before. I immediately knew I wanted to play the role of Veronica and immerse myself in the crazy journey that she endures throughout the story. I loved all the easter eggs that Anubys had hidden throughout the script that the audience will only pick up on if they are really paying attention and thinking about the movie; like the fact that (spoiler warning) Charles Bloom was actually living upstairs in the attic the whole time.

Can you talk about what you would do to get into character?

It was actually really easy for me to get into character once I was on set with Dave and Carla. They brought Charles and Mrs. Bloom to life, which made it so much easier to get into the headspace of Veronica; and to think about her surrounding circumstances. For some of the more emotional or tense scenes, Anubys let us really play off each other and go off script a little bit. I think that helped us all give more honest and truthful performances!

Day after day your character got pretty beaten up. What would you do to decompress in between takes?

Honestly, it was so easy to decompress in between takes because I had such great relationships with all the cast and crew; they were always joking around and having fun behind the scenes. If anything, sometimes I would have to separate myself from everyone else so that I could stay in the headspace of Veronica.

What was your favorite scene in Aged? Why?

I don’t know if I really have one favorite scene in the movie, but the ritual may have been my favorite to film because the whole cast was on set that day. We had such a fun cast and crew, and we were having the best time in between takes even though it was a pretty intense scene. Plus, Bria D’aguanno is one of my best friends and I love anytime we get to work together!

A couple of people stand in a doorway, seemingly looking up with fear.

The house in Aged is pretty creepy. Did anything strange happen while you were filming in the house?

Most of us actually stayed in that house while we were filming! It definitely had some creepy vibes, but nothing out of the ordinary happened while we were there. One night after filming we were all sitting outside on the deck telling scary stories and we heard something moving in the bushes that definitely made me scream, but it just turned out to be an armadillo. We were told that past guests had seen a girl in a white dress walking around outside in the middle of the night though!

What is the best thing about starring in a horror film?

All the amazing and talented people that I met during filming. It was so nice collaborating and bouncing ideas around with other creative people. I left this set with so many new friends!

We won’t give too much away but there are some scenes towards the end of the film where you probably had to be in a lot of hair and makeup. How long would it take to transform you in those more elaborate looks?

I think it usually took about an hour in the hair and makeup chair. The real obstacle was that we weren’t always shooting the scenes in order, so I’d be in and out of hair and makeup going back and forth between the phases. Carla was the one who had to spend the most time in the hair and makeup chair though. She’s a lot younger than she looks in the movie, so she would have to get latex on her face and hair paint painted on every single day!

What was the first horror film that made a lasting impression on you?

The Conjuring has always been one of the movies that scares me the most; it’s terrifying when Joey King’s character is speaking with the Demons’ voice. Possession movies have always terrified me and the fact that this is based off a true story makes it all that more terrifying.

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