Best Horror Film of 2020: Cast Your Vote!

An alien force adjusts reality's tint for Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage) and family in Color Out Of Space.

2020 itself was a horror to upstage any horrors you’ll find on the big screen. Despite the challenges that the pandemic wrought upon the film industry last year, horror fans enjoyed the release of many groundbreaking and transformative genre films. Through a careful process of nomination and voting, Horror Obsessive staff has named these films the ten best horror films of 2020. Help us to make the ultimate decision and cast your vote for the best horror film of 2020!

  • Pick the best horror film of 2020.

    • Movie poster for Beach House depicting woman looking over her shoulder onto deck with ocean in background.
      The Beach House
    • Movie poster for Color Out of Space depicting close-ups of family's anguished faces over silhouette of figure beneath a beam of light.
      Color Out of Space
    • Movie poster for Freaky depicting teenage girl holding chainsaw next to man holding phone.
    • Movie poster for Host depicting two closeups of terrified woman's face.
    • Movie poster for Impetigore depicting close-up of woman's face with upside-down female heads over her eyes.
    • Movie poster for The Invisible Man depicting halved view of woman's face with handprint in condensation on mirror behind her.
      The Invisible Man
    • Movie poster for Possessor Uncut depicting face with twisted, distorted mask.
      Possessor Uncut
    • Movie poster for Relic depicting older woman in armchair and two younger women behind her.
    • Movie Poster for Run depicting screaming girl in wheelchair cast in red light overlaid on woman's profile.
    • Movie poster for Scare Package, depicting dismembered zombie hand pulling VHS from shelf.
      Scare Package


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