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The Renfield Trailer Looks Dumb As Hell and I Am Delighted

As someone who genuinely, unironically loves Vampire’s Kiss, I can’t possibly explain to you how excited I was to hear Nicolas Cage (genius, icon, my biological father) utter the line “I am Dracula” in the most insane accent imaginable.

No, I’m not watching the long-awaited (at least by me) sequel to the notorious 1989 flop. Instead, I’m blessed with something almost as good: the first trailer for Renfield.

Nicolas Cage as Dracula
Only a true fool could see this image and not want to watch this movie

Though Cage plays the most recognizable figure in this upcoming release, it’s Nicholas Hoult (my second favorite Nic) who’s taking the titular and leading role. From what I can tell from the bonkers trailer, the story appears to follow Renfield as he tried to extricate himself from Dracula’s grasp.

Much like in the film’s source material (though I use that term as loosely as possible here), the trailer shows Renfield as Dracula’s devoted, unusually strong, fly-eating servant who seems to be suffering a crisis of conscious. Unlike in the 1879 gothic novel, however, Nicholas Hoult’s Renfield seems to possess supernatural strength and sophisticated fighting abilities that he gets from…fly powers? Sure! I can roll with that! Most of the trailer is comprised of scenes of him flipping all around and stabbing people with forks intercut with scenes of him attending a support group where he discusses Dracula as if the ancient monster of lore is his toxic boyfriend. Great stuff.

In addition to the fight scenes and the support group, we’re treated to glimpses of Dracula’s lair, Nora Lum (aka Awkwafina) as a cop, blood bags, Microsoft Powerpoint-Esque text graphics, possibly werewolf hijackers, and Nicolas Cage hamming it up as much as humanly possible with just a few seconds of dialogue. I can’t wait.

Renfield hits theaters in April 2023. See you on opening night, freaks.

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Written by Saskia Nislow

Saskia is a writer, ceramicist, horror freak, and queer creature. Find more of their stuff at or at @cronebro on Twitter and Instagram.

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