Planet Grindhouse Episode Two: Iconic Monsters (1920-1950)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, freaks and geeks of all ages. Welcome one and all to Planet Grindhouse, brought to you by Horror Obsessive and Horror Obsessive Radio. Where other podcasts look at the A-list movies, the creme-de-la-creme of cinema, Planet Grindhouse focuses on the other letters of the alphabet from B all the way through to Z. Here at Planet Grindhouse, we revel in the sometimes brilliant, but mostly awful films that have been committed to celluloid; drive-In movies that you walk out of; horror movies that are as horrifying as a basket full of kittens in mittens; sci-fi movies where the sets wobble and they leave the strings in shots—this is our domain. I am your host, Neil Gray, and each week I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on the world of Trash Cinema, from comparing films to best-of lists, from essential viewing to history lessons, Planet Grindhouse promises to bring you the best of the worst that’s ever graced the silver screen.

Having promised last week to return with an episode all about Final Girls, this week’s episode of Planet Grindhouse sees that get cast aside in favor of a Top 10 Iconic Monsters list, for 1920 to 1950. There are a few reasons for this. First off, the article this episode is based on did so well that it seemed a shame not to take advantage of it. And secondly, having to write a brand new script every week is a pain in the ass. Sometimes a guy just likes to take the easy way out.

I really need a co-host.

So join me as I look at some obvious and some not-so-obvious choices for who I think are the Planet Grindhouse’s top picks for Iconic Monsters across 30 years.

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Written by Neil Gray

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