Exclusive Clip: A Passenger Leaves a Ride-Share Driver ‘Endangered’

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I’m all about independent horror that truly delivers, and I’ve got a big one for the noir fans out there. Endangered has been a film on the radar of many film festival fanatics since debuting back in 2020 and circuiting the festival scene. Fans loved this engaging noir-thriller but hindered by covid, it became a rarely seen gem many talked about but had trouble finding. Now, having undergone a name change from its original title, Fox Hunt Drive, something that happens often in horror, Endangered is finally being released on VOD tomorrow.

Losing her job, Alison (Lizzie Zerebko) spends her days mass emailing her resume to every architect firm in town. Destitute and desperate to make ends meet, Alison is forced to take a job as a ride-share driver. In this exclusive clip from the film, Alison decides to take a final fare before calling it a night. When she arrives, her passenger (Michael Olavson) isn’t who he claims to be.

This begins Alison’s horrifying night with a stranger three feet away from her in the backseat. When she snoops into the stranger’s possessions, her fear is only heightened as she finds stolen jewelry and a gun. Littered with labyrinthian surprises, Alison will have to keep what she knows hidden from the passenger and the police in order to make it through the night alive and discover her passenger’s identity.

Director Drew Walkup employs a powerful protagonist embedded in the terrifying reality of not knowing what to do next and where one false move could mean death. Walkup says, “On the surface, our film is meant to captivate and thrill. At its core, there is spirit and intent to present audiences with something new; to make you contemplate the flawed characters and dazzle you with the narrative.”

Walkup’s directorial debut, Endangered, currently sits with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Our own Alix Turner called the film a “sharply written noir thriller” in a review for Ready Steady Cut back in 2020. Fans of other Uber-terror entertainment like Night Drive, Ryde, and short-lived streamer Quibi’s The Stranger will likely enjoy this twisty ride-hitching horror flick.

Pre-order Endangered now on iTunes.

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Written by Sean Parker

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