Don’t Look Up: One Last Glimpse of Jordan Peele’s NOPE

With just under a couple of months left before it finally lands in theaters, Universal and Monkeypaw have given us one final trailer for Jordan Peele’s Nope, and this one is an absolute doozy.

First off: plot details! There’s still a lot up in the air, but from the looks of things, the Haywood siblings (Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya) get a glimpse of what appears to be a UFO following their father’s mysterious death and decide to try and get rich and famous by getting definitive proof of aliens, employing the help of a UFO expert (Michael Wincott) and a technician from their local electronics store (Brandon Perea) and seemingly drawing the attention of whatever it is up in the sky. It’s still unclear where Steven Yuen’s character fits in, but he does get some great foreboding lines, asking a spellbound crowd, “What if I told you that today, you would leave here… different?” and hinting at a spectacle the likes of which they’ve never seen before—perhaps the “bad miracle” Kaluuya’s character had asked about in a previous trailer.

The new imagery we get is striking: the Haywood’s father falls off his horse and seemingly vanishes, only to later be found dead with his right eye gouged well into his skull. The UFO looms ominously above the Haywood’s house during a downpour, rain visibly pouring off the sides of the ship while the house itself remains dry. An entire crowd at the rodeo is seemingly abducted into thin air. Keke Palmer’s character looks outside to see the flailing arm tube men seen in the first trailer, seemingly left behind by our invaders as some sort of warning—or perhaps, some sort of prank. 

See, beneath the trailer’s frightening imagery and sense of doom, there’s almost a sense that we’re getting trolled—both by our invaders and by Peele himself. One shot during Yuen’s speech lingers on an ICEE machine, seemingly teasing some sort of deeper meaning—or perhaps, simply having some fun with the exact sort of person who would overanalyze every shot of a new trailer to try and squeeze out every ounce of possible meaning. 

Meanwhile, the full-on shots of the UFO that we get seem too…obvious, too much like the classic image of a UFO that everyone has in their head. Kaluuya’s character notes that what’s in the sky is “not what you think” and that they don’t seem to abduct people who don’t look up—whoever or whatever it is in the clouds seems keen on not having anyone know what it looks like, seemingly hinting that the aliens are either not what we think they are or are a big misdirection from the film’s real threat. Whatever it is, we’ll find out for sure when Nope hits theaters July 21st.

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