Something Big Is Coming in Netflix’s Troll Teaser

Keep your eyes open for this folktale-inspired monster movie! Day two of Netflix’s geeked week has revealed the first teaser for director Roar Uthaug’s (Cold Prey, The Wave) upcoming thriller Troll. Written by Vikingulven (Viking Wolf) writer Espen Aukan, Troll chronicles the awakening of a centuries-old monster laying dormant in the Dovrefjell mountains heading to Oslo on a rampant path of destruction.

A soldier and two civilians walk by a destroyed house in Troll (2022)

The first Troll teaser is short and subtle. I didn’t even catch some of the background spectacles on first viewing, like the broken home behind the cast as they walked and got into the troll’s footprint drawing a Godzilla (1998) comparison. Also, I literally blinked and missed the “eye-opening” reveal of the monster. Though I may not have seen everything on my first watch, that last moment with the troll reaching toward the characters was enough for me to look again, and it was well worth a second look.

The film will obviously draw horror fans to insist the film is stealing from André Øvredal’s 2010 film Trollhunter, or the ire of those wishing this was a reboot of the 1986 film that spawned the Best Worst Movie, Troll 2. While the latter may have a point in seeing some resemblance, I have an immense feeling Troll will lean more on the side of an action film and deliver a different experience than the cult classic low-budget found-footage thriller.

I’m a huge fan of Uthaug’s and rushed out to see The Wave after its release in 2015. The low-budget nail-biter provided exceptional intensity while depicting a divided family desperate to find each other during a cataclysmic event. The film even garnered a sequel in 2018, The Quake, but without Uthaug directing as he was tapped to bring Lara Croft back to life in the Alicia Vikander led Tomb Raider. While Tomb Raider wasn’t the best adaptation of the Square Enix games, Uthaug’s direction is still solid, and the director shows he has a penchant for large-scale special-effects-laden destruction.

Troll does not have an exact release date yet but is due out later this year.

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Written by Sean Parker

Living just outside of Boston, Sean has always been facinated by what horror can tell us about contemporary society. He started writing music reviews for a local newspaper in his twenties and found a love for the art of thematic and symbolic analysis. Sean joined Horror Obsessive at it's inception, and is currently the site's Creative Director. He produces and edits the weekly Horror Obsessive podcast for the site as well as his interviews with guests. He has recently started his foray into feature film production as well, his credits include Alice Maio Mackay's Bad Girl Boogey, Michelle Iannantuono's Livescreamers, and Ricky Glore's upcoming Troma picture, Sweet Meats.

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