11th Hour Cleaning Trailer Looks Like Sunshine Cleaning vs. Evil Dead

Every once in a while, a movie trailer concept catches your attention and leaves you to momentarily wonder, “why hasn’t this been done before?” that was my initial reaction to the trailer for 11th Hour Cleaning.

With an idea stemming from the acclaimed indie dramedy Sunshine Cleaning, where two women begin a crime scene cleaning service while dealing with their own arcane personal baggage, 11th Hour Cleaning twists the idea to fit a horror mold. Strangely, crime-scene cleaners don’t get the horror treatment that often. The last time may have been in 2018’s One Must Fall, but it wasn’t used as a setup for something supernatural, and, to that effect, the 11th Hour Cleaning trailer has more originality than most others in recent memory.

11th Hour Cleanup poster
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The film, directed by first-time feature director Ty Leisher, concerns a group of crime scene cleaners who are called to the scene of multiple homicides and soon find that the people inside may have summoned something that’s still in the house. Stuck inside with an ancient mythological Norse demon that uses their fear and regrets against them, the crew must figure out what’s giving the demon its power and destroy it before more cleaners are sent to remove their stains from the scene. 

While undoubtedly a low-budget effort, the 11th Hour Cleaning trailer uses some simple psychological tactics and camera tricks to play with the viewer. Short pans and shadow effects create a few jumpable moments. Meanwhile, a Sam Raimi influence is felt in the presumed possession of the crew and a spooky Necronomicon-like Norse informational text. The film looks like the type of low-budget bottleneck shocker that will impress a range of genre fans looking for a fun and frightful experience. 

11th Hour Cleaning stars Embeds actress Chloe Brooks, Dexter’s Dave Baez, A Dangerous Defense’s Anita Leeman Torres, and 2 Fast 2 Furious actor Edward Finlay in a story by Eric R. Brodeur. Brodeur is usually more involved in post than pre-production work, appearing as an editor on this project and among the names in the editorial department for films like Transformers: The Last Knight and Conjurverse movie The Nun, but Leisher and actor/producer Ed Morrone, who also appears in the movie, are picking up the script writing duties. 

11th Hour Cleaning releases on VOD on July 5. 

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Written by Sean Parker

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