Creepypasta: The Movie Trailer Makes You Check Over Your Shoulder

Our first look at Creepypasta: The Movie has us trying not to scream. As we were told. You know, the same way we don’t talk about that guy from Encanto. Anyway, the Creepypasta trailer begins with a Scream-inspired phone call and a caller insisting that we don’t react to the images of otherworldly horror that start to appear. From things under the bed to fish hooks descending from the ceiling and that creature with glowing red eyes, we certainly want to scream WTF, but that may only make things worse. From body horrors and balloons to kids and cults, Creepypasta: The Movie looks like it has something to scare everyone.  

This first teaser trailer is excruciatingly short and probably makes more questions than it does answers. Turning to the synopsis helps a little, as it denotes an abandoned house where a man searches through a series of increasingly terrifying videos to discover how he got in there. Where my initial thoughts suggested a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or Ring style narrative, this information suggests a more anthology approach more akin to the V/H/S series. If all goes well, Creepypasta could also spawn several sequels.

A woman with cracking skin and a sliced tongue sticking out has white eyes and is looking up on a poster that looks like a VHS box for Creepypasta: The Movie
Image credit Vestra Pictures / Trash Arts

The cast and crew list also confirm that to be the case, with seven notable up-and-coming directors attached to the project, Berkley Brady, Mikel Cravatta, Carlos Omar De Leon, Daniel Garcia, Tony Morales, Paul Stamper, and Buz Wallick. The cast is also filled with notable new faces, including Law & Order: SVU ‘s Angelic Zambrana, It Comes at Night’s Griffin Robert Faulkner, the upcoming Devil in Ohio’s Jordan Gooden, Eva Isanta, Silvia Casanova, 10/31 segment director Brett DeJager, and Jill Maria Robinson. 

If you’ve heard of Creepypasta but are unsure what that is exactly, allow me to help. Simply put, Creepypasta is an internet invention of modern folklore. People have created modern fables in blogs around the internet, mainly on 4chan and Reddit, ranging from mildly shocking to absolutely terrifying. You’ve likely heard or seen some of these stories before. Slenderman, The Backrooms, the anthologies of Syfy Channel’s Channel Zero, and many more all originated in the webpages of Creepypasta. Horror Obsessive even has its own page for Creepypasta story analysis.  

We suspect Creepypasta: The Movie will be out this fall. According to IMDB, the film is currently in post-production, and no exact date of release has been given. After watching the trailer, you may just want to make sure nothing is behind you.

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Written by Sean Parker

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