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The Stranger Things 4 Official Trailer Makes the Wait Worth It

Well, my friends, Stranger Things 4 is upon us, and to be honest, it looks absolutely incredible. Netflix dropped the official Stranger Things 4 trailer today and along with it came a bunch of questions: Who is recruiting Eleven? Why was Max levitating? Do we finally have a full-on antagonist? These questions and more were raised in my head while watching the new trailer.

It also looks like they’re focusing pretty heavily on the horror side of things this time around. While Stranger Things has always had some horror in it, it feels like it never really embraced the genre fully—and that might’ve been better for the show, but since the show will be ending after Season 5, it might be time to ramp things up, and it looks like they most definitely have.A creature from The Upside Down looks to be readying for an attack.

We see a good portion of The Upside Down, and what also appears to be some sort of creature. Could this be a full-on antagonist for Season 4? Maybe it’s Billy? Who knows right now, honestly. It’s been three long years since the last season of Stranger Things, so nothing is out of the realm of possibility, especially bringing back a character that had such massive potential.

Another thing that I want to throw out there is that, at one point, you see the kids walking into a haunted house. Maybe that haunted house is another portal to The Upside Down. It might be hinted at by the end of the trailer where we get another glimpse of the house, but this time from the POV of being in The Upside Down. I could be off on that one, but I think I’m right.

One last thing: Hopper. Please don’t let anything bad like, I don’t know, death, happen to Hopper—he’s my favorite character! It’s definitely interesting seeing him in the environment he’s in. Where exactly is he? A Russian camp, presumably, but what kind of Russian camp?

I guess we’ll find out soon because Stranger Things 4 officially drops in two parts as Volume I is set to hit Netflix on May 27th and Volume II follows it a little over a month later on July 1st.


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Written by Bronson West

Bronson fell in love with horror (mainly slashers) at the age of 6 when he watched Halloween at his babysitter's. Fitting, right? He also thinks he's funny, but apparently that's up for debate.

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