Your Second Chance To Catch Some FrightFest 2021 Gems

Did you miss Arrow Video’s FrightFest this year? It’s one of the biggest genre film festivals in the world, but the crazy times we live in have made it tough for people to gather in large groups for these kinds of events. However, despite all the insanity of the 2020s so far, there is some good news here. While the in-person festival ran from August 26-30, Arrow Video is holding a digital version immediately afterwards.

If you’re in the UK (the films are geo-locked), you’ll be able to watch some of the best movies from this year’s FrightFest slate in the comfort and safety of your own home from September 1-5, and you’ll have two different ways to pick which ones you want to stream. You can purchase tickets to the individual films you’re interested in, or you can buy a digital pass for the entire festival. Either way, you’ll be sure to find a whole bunch of new movies to haunt your nightmares, and we here at Horror Obsessive would like to give you some recommendations.

I’ve posted the entire virtual schedule below, and I’ve also provided links to our coverage of the films (including some that aren’t playing digitally, in case you just can’t get enough). You’ll be able to read our writers’ thoughts on them before you choose which to watch and which to skip, and hopefully that will make your FrightFest home viewing experience that much more enjoyable.

Wednesday, September 1

6:00 PM The Show
6:15 PM Motherly
8:30 PM Crabs!
8:45 PM The Brilliant Terror

Thursday, September 2

6:00 PM Broadcast Signal Intrusion
6:15 PM Captive
8:30 PM Coming Home in the Dark
8:45 PM Laguna Ave

Friday, September 3

6:00 PM Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes
6:15 PM Short Film Showcase One
6:30 PM The Parker Sessions
8:30 PM The Exorcism of Carmen Farias
8:45 PM Bad Candy
8:45 PM Mystery Spot
11:00 PM Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It
11:15 PM Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge
11:30 PM The Unburied

Saturday, September 4

11:45 AM Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror
1:00 PM King Knight
1:15 PM Boy #5
3:30 PM The Claw
3:45 PM Liar
4:00 PM Short Film Showcase Two
6:00 PM Gaia
6:15 PM Are We Monsters
6:30 PM Arrow Video Podcast
8:30 PM Evie
8:45 PM When the Screaming Starts
9:00 PM Nocturna: Side A – The Great Old Man’s Night
11:00 PM Shadow of the Cat
11:15 PM Bring Out the Fear

Sunday, September 5

10:45 AM Touch
11:00 AM Dementer
11:15 AM Killer Concept
1:00 PM As in Heaven, So on Earth
1:15 PM Short Film Showcase Three
1:30 PM Antidote
3:30 PM Ultrasound
3:45 PM Greywood’s Plot
4:00 PM She Watches from the Woods
6:00 PM Night Drive
6:15 PM Deadly Games
6:30 PM The Found Footage Phenomenon
8:30 PM Hotel Poseidon
8:45 PM Forgiveness
9:00 PM Red Snow

Films Not Playing Digitally

The Changed
The Last Thing Mary Saw
Prisoners of the Ghostland
Post Mortem
The Kindred
The Maid
Brain Freeze
The Retaliators
Come in cielo, così in terra

Interview with Alex Noyer, writer and director of Sound of Violence
Interview with Savvas Christou, writer and director of Captive

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