Nick Stahl on What Josiah Saw, Fear the Walking Dead, and More

Nick Stahl is an actor with a diverse lineup of roles spanning across his 30-year career. At Carolina Fear Fest this year, I had a chance to talk with him about his past, present, and future work.

Nick Stahl in Sin City as Yellow Bastard, a hairless, shirtless flabby man with large ears and a wicked grin. His golden yellow skin is the only color in the image, which is him standing off to the left in a run-down-looking wooden structure.
Nick Stahl as Roark Junior, A.K.A. Yellow Bastard, in Sin City.

Emma Gilbert: I noticed you’re cast in something called What Josiah Saw that sounds really interesting, is there anything you can tell us about that?

Nick Stahl: Yeah, um, that is a movie that, hopefully, people will see. It’s kind of being submitted to film festivals and things like that right now. And it’s really good […] Horror has never been my go-to genre, [or] like, the thing that I’ve seen very much of, to be honest. But this thing is classified as a horror film, but I would say it’s more of, like, elevated horror. [There is] a lot of artistry to it. It’s kind of an art film disguised as a horror movie—but scary, genuinely scary, realistic, and good performances. Really, really, well-directed, so…that’s cool, no one’s asked me about that. I’m excited about it.

EG: That’s great, I’m glad to hear it! Alright, so, a long time ago you were in a movie called Bully, which probably could be considered a horror movie to many parents out there.

Stahl: Right.

EG: It’s like, a very intense, dark, bleak movie. Could you see yourself doing any movies similar to that in the future?

Stahl: Sure, sure. Y’know, um, it was just a strong story. […] Like I said, as far as horror movies go, y’know, I’ve never watched those, like, exclusively, [and] it’s never been at the top of my list. However, a strong story’s a strong story, regardless of genre. And so, [with] Bully, it was very evident just on the page, reading the script that it was just such a compelling story, y’know? And so, I would absolutely jump at an opportunity like that again.

EG: So, you’re in Fear the Walking Dead right now. How have you been enjoying that experience?

Stahl: It’s been great, yeah […] It’s been really fun, just to go to a, y’know, all new family, be the new guy, and be very welcomed by everybody. The whole cast and crew [are] just a really good group, y’know, and they have a good time. They work hard, but they have a good time doing it, and so, yeah. I’ve had a blast doing that show.

EG: That’s awesome! I’ve got one more…If you could star in, like, a remake of a classic horror movie who would you want it to be?

Stahl: Hmm…Wow…That’s a tough one. I would say—I was just tellin’ [the guy at the booth before me] The Shining’s my favorite horror movie of all time. I would say that, but man, I don’t know if they could remake that and do it justice.

EG: It’s very difficult.

Stahl: That would be very difficult. And I think they tried to do a show or something at one point.

EG: Yeah, it’s like, they try to make things again and people forget about it within a year, and you’re like, “oh, wait, that was a thing? Why?”

Stahl: Yeah […] That’s one of those [things where] I dunno if you could do it, but I guess I would have to say that, [it] being my favorite movie of all time, y’know.

Nick Stahl in Bully as Bobby Kent, a young, white teenage boy with brown hair tucked behind his ears. He is in the passenger seat of a convertible car driving through a suburban area, looking towards the camera at his friend Marty (Brad Renfro), who's face is blurred in the right corner of the image.
Nick Stahl as Bobby Kent in Bully.

It may have been short, as most of my interviews were, but I still really enjoyed this conversation with Mr. Stahl. I always love hearing actors’ perspectives on genre, what kinds of roles and stories pull them in, and their feelings towards the things they are working on. I definitely look forward to seeing Stahl in What Josiah Saw, as well as any other upcoming projects!


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