Felissa Rose and Brian Krause Talk Horror Genre, Charmed, and More

Back in May of this year, I attended Carolina Fear Fest and thus had the opportunity to interview the convention’s guests, such as the lovely Felissa Rose and Brian Krause! Below are the two separate interviews I had with them while at the con.

Felissa Rose as Dr. Courtney Lee, a tan woman in a dark brown white-spotted dress and long, rich brown hair sitting in a therapy room with her patient, Tommy (Michael Ray Williams). The room is white with a painting behind Courtney's head. There is a small round table between the two chairs with a lamp, some flowers, a framed image, and Dr. Lee's title plate.
Felissa Rose as Dr. Courtney Lee in Kill Giggles with Michael Ray Williams (as Tommy Dos Santos). Image courtesy of Mad Ones Films.

Emma Gilbert: So, to start, you are in Terrifier 2. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

Felissa Rose: Absolutely not! [Laughter] I can say that I’m pretty bitchy, and I loved working with the team, Fuzz on the Lens, and Damien Leone. David Howard Thornton was there, um…can’t give anything away other than it’s going to kick ass.

EG: Alright, that is awesome. So, you have been in some very odd concepts for movies, some very strange sounding titles. What are your thoughts on exceptionally outlandish concepts for films?

Rose: Oh, I think they’re brilliant. I mean, I certainly think anything that’s original and thought-provoking and compelling, y’know, creates that much more for an audience to wanna be immersed in the story, in the world, in the universe. So, it’s always great to bring on something that’s completely original and wild or zany or silly—I love anything that’s outside the box.

EG: Yeah, same here. A friend of mine, Lor [Gislasson], was curious [about this]: With a few reviews popping up here and there, there have been, like, some people saying [things] like, “oh, horror fans are these crazy, lunatics,” and whatnot. And, given that you’ve been to so many of these cons and have so much experience in the horror world, how do comments like that make you feel?

Rose: Oh, it’s just silly, I mean, this is the most beautiful and loving community any person could ever find themselves in. The connection and the love for the genre just matches the intelligence and excitement and passion from the people involved. So, if you really want to know what people are about, you should absolutely come and be amongst us, because, again, the most beautiful people are in this community.

EG: Yeah, I agree. It was so jarring to me, my first horror con, when I came and I realized, “oh, horror people are so much nicer than the people at anime cons.”

Rose: [They’re] non-judgmental, and so giving of themselves and caring, everyone takes care of each other, it’s incredible

EG: Yeah! It’s so nice. […] What types of horror movies do you wanna see going forward, as the genre develops into the future?

Rose: Well, I love slashers. I mean, I grew up on them, I make them, I’m obsessed with them. I love any kind of horror movie that is unique and different and then, y’know, again, has compelling characters. So, I just think if we have passionate, independent filmmakers out there living their dreams, that’s what makes me happy.

Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt, a tall, pale man with short dirty blonde hair wearing a gray fleece trench coat, in Charmed. He is producing bright blue lightning from his hands in order to deflect a ball of flames directed at him. He is inside an older looking house, standing in front of some wooden stairs with artistic designs carved into the rails.
Brian Krause as Leo in Charmed.

Emma Gilbert: So, from your time on Charmed, what do you think is one of your favorite episodes that you did?

Brian Krause: I’d have to say my favorite episode was “Saving Private Leo.” In that episode, they told the backstory of my character, and during that episode, they told me I was going to become a regular on the show, so, because of that, it was kinda my dream come true of becoming a regular and celebrating that I had reached this goal. So, even though I have many, many, many, many favorite episodes, that one is by far the most favorite, because I kinda reached my goal, right?

EG: Yeah, that’s awesome! Alright, so you’re in a couple of very interesting-looking sea monster movies.

Krause: [Laughter] “C.” D [list]!

EG: [Laughter] What are your thoughts on aqua horror, like, stuff that takes place primarily underwater or with a sea creature, how do you feel about those types of horrors?

Krause: Y’know, I’m not a viewer, per se, of horror. I’m more of a thriller, psychological thriller, with some slash, I guess, but, uh, y’know, I think it’s all fantastic. I love the art, people that are creating art […] I love the sci-fi, fantasy, I mean I kinda like it all. But as far as horror goes, I don’t […] ingest as much as I enjoy partaking, if that makes any sense.

EG: Yeah, I understand. Alright, I have a question from one of my fellow writers over at Horror Obsessive, Alix [Turner]. They ask, “why do sleepwalkers burst into flames when clawed by cats?”

Krause: Uh, that’s a good question. Well, we’re aliens, and cats are just, y’know, they have a special thing under their claw. I guess it’s the idea that you get [the] cat scratch fever [that] they talk about, right? So, maybe there’s some sort of…I don’t know [laughter]. That’s a question for Stephen King!

EG: [Laughter] Well, if I ever meet him, I will bring up Alix’s question once again.

Krause: Yeah, I love it!

EG: Alright, I have one more…If you could star in any remake of a famous horror movie, what would it be and who would you wanna play?

Krause: Aw, man. I mean, The Shining, right? Is that a horror movie?

EG: Oh yes, absolutely.

Krause: I mean, uh…To be Jack [Torrance] is, I mean…is there any greater role to play? Uh…y’know, because you’re not just this slasher, you’re a guy who’s lost in it, and I love that. It’s not a guy in a mask with a whatever, it’s, y’know, an actual psychological breakdown, almost a serial killer type of situation, y’know, where you’ve actually lost your mind. Which, to me, is scarier, because this happens in real life to people […] It happens, and it’d be fun to try to play that, for sure.

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