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Season 4 of The Last Drive-In? Yes, Please!

“Hey everybody, have you heard the news?” It seems like ages ago since we last saw Joe Bob, Darcy, and the entire crew of The Last Drive-In. Contrary to what you may think, we haven’t even crossed a week yet and, I don’t know about the rest of you; I can feel the withdrawal already kicking in. Watching Joe Bob and Darcy paddle off into the New Jersey sunset could have been the last hurrah, for all we knew. Thankfully, we don’t have to hypothesize about a dystopian hellscape where Joe Bob and Darcy do not grace our screens any further as we have news hot off the press about Season 4.

You heard that right, there is another season of The Last Drive-In on the horizon. Some of you may have seen this coming from miles away, but it is nice to have confirmation of another season waiting in the wings. If you are a pessimist and looking for bad news, that would come in the form of Season 4 debuting in 2022. Honestly, though, this is par for the course and should not shock any of the Mutant Fam.Cartoon image of Joe Bob holding a remote above a drive-in screen

Another announcement that should not shock anyone in the horror community is that Joe Bob and Darcy are not done with specials this year either. Also announced: additional specials of The Last Drive-In sprinkled throughout the rest of the year to tide the Mutant Fam over. For any of us who can’t wait until 2022, we will probably get another Halloween episode similar to the Halloween Hootenany or a Christmas special akin to Joe Bob Saves Christmas. It will be fun to speculate on when Joe Bob will drop one of his specials and entertaining to guess what the features will be.

Joe Bob and Darcy have always understood that their fans are the reasons they are who they are. We, the Mutant Fam, enjoy horror and find entertainment in what Joe Bob and Darcy offer every time they fill our screens. It’s a collaborative effort between us viewers and what comprises The Last Drive-In. Joe Bob and Darcy work tirelessly to promote horror and provide a fan base where every Mutant feels special and wants to tune in to Shudder every Friday night.

This cumulative effort between the fans, Joe Bob, and Darcy has made The Last Drive-In special and worth keeping on air. We all have a part in why we can look forward to Season 4. From the high sheriffs at Shudder who make the decisions to the at-home Mutants who eagerly anticipate the clock striking 6:00 pm PST, we all have a part to play—and we’ve played it to a T.

As Joe Bob says in the press release:

“I’m extremely excited to do another season of The Last Drive-In, especially since the family we’ve built up around the show keeps growing. In all my years of writing and performing, I’ve never felt so close to an audience. It’s like having friends in every town who really mean it when they say, ‘Stop by’!”

The idea of a fourth season of The Last Drive-In has the man himself just as excited as we are. Maybe more.

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Written by Robert Chipman

Robert Chipman has had a love of all things horror for as long as he can remember. His favorite horror franchise is the Nightmare on Elm Street series and his favorite horror director is John Carpenter. He thinks the Maniac Cop series is supremely underrated, Demon Knight and In the Mouth of Madness are slept on and loves what Don Mancini has accomplished with the Child's Play franchise.

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