Killing With the Strange and Unusual: Horror’s Weirdest Weapons

Earlier this year, our staff was impressed with the killer denim jeans in the quirky social commentary-laden slasher film Slaxx, and it got us thinking: what are the most unusual objects used for murder in horror films? Five of our seasoned horror writers wracked their brains, and these are the strange and unusual weapons they arrived at. We give you horror cinema’s weirdest weapons!

CD Head in Hellraiser III

Three cenobites stand in a line on a street in Hellraiser. One cenobite has CDs lodged in his face and head.

After Pinhead goes on a murderous rampage through the nightclub called The Boiler Room, he transforms several club-goers into cenobites. Each one has a gimmick, like a bartender who can now breathe fire. The most ridiculous one is CD Head. As his name suggests, he has CDs embedded into his head, eyes, and neck as well as a sort of CD dispenser on his stomach. He uses these as weapons and kills people by throwing them like shurikens. Perfect aim, naturally. The first Hellraiser was quite serious and dark, so seeing this might turn some off of the later films in the series, but I kind of love how terrible they are.

Lor Gislason

Hearing Aid in Freddy’s Dead

A man cries out as his hearing aid turns into a spider.

If you’ve never seen Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, the idea that Freddy kills someone with a hearing aid might seem preposterous. Hearing aids are just about the most innocuous things in the world, so how could they possibly end a person’s life?

It’s actually quite simple, really. First, Freddy decides to go after a guy who uses one. He takes the device away and messes with his victim a bit, and when he wants to take the torture to the next level, he gives the hearing aid back. At first, the guy is really happy he can hear again, but he soon realizes that the device now gives him super hearing and makes even little sounds like dripping water and falling needles painful.

Finally, Freddy pulls a chalkboard out of thin air, and he starts scratching it with the knives of his glove. The sound is really painful for the guy, and as Freddy keeps scratching, it eventually becomes too much for the poor victim to bear. His newfound super hearing causes his head to explode, and Freddy ends the scene with one of his trademark quips: “Nice hearing from you, Carlos.”

This is one of the absolute most bizarre kills I’ve ever seen, and at the heart of it lies arguably the most unusual murder weapon of all time. You would never expect a hearing aid to be used this way, but Freddy makes it work. He makes you really believe that something so small and harmless could spell death for this unsuspecting victim, and it makes me glad that my ears work just fine on their own…for now.

JP Nunez

Power Drill Guitar in Slumber Party Massacre II

A man holding a red guitar with a giant drill bit attached to the fret board yells in triumph.

Think of infamous slasher weapons, and you’ll most likely conjure up images of knives, machetes, and chainsaws. What probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind (but definitely should be) is the absurdly bonkers power drill guitar from Slumber Party Massacre II (1987). This bizarre weapon takes an already goofy premise and dials things up to 100. The same can be said for the man wielding the guitar, a leather-clad, eyeliner-wearing stud who says things like “Come on baby, let’s rock and roll!” before proceeding to drill people to death. It’s a terrific performance from Atanas Ilitch, whose maniacal laughter and unbridled energy render Slumber Party Massacre II one of the most fun slasher viewings you could possibly have. They simply don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Murder Weapons Galore in the Black Christmas Films

A gloved hand reaches for an icicle.

The Black Christmas films involve a variety of innovative murder weapons. For starters, Black Christmas (1974) has one of the sorority girls, Barb (Margot Kidder), stabbed by the killer with a glass unicorn statue (with the horn specifically). It’s a brutal kill, and the uniqueness of the statue causes it to stand out. Even more so, Barb is the most upfront, assertive character in the film, so the purity and grace of the unicorn serve to create a stark contrast.

In the significantly more chaotic 2006 remake, the kills are more Christmas/winter-themed. Billy (Robert Mann), the killer, escapes his prison cell by sucking a candy cane to a point and stabbing a security guard with it. As a reference to Michelle Trachtenberg’s film Ice Princess from the previous year, her character Melissa is killed by an ice skate to the back of the head. In the grand finale, Kelli (Katie Cassidy) kills Billy by throwing him over the stairway so he gets impaled by a Christmas tree.

The 2019 remake brings with it even more Christmas-themed murder weapons. In the opening scene, a young woman called Lindsay (Lucy Currey) is stabbed with an icicle. Another sorority member Fran (Nathalie Morris) is later strangled by Christmas lights.

Despite the sub-par nature of both Black Christmas remakes, they certainly don’t fail to utilise suitably themed murder weapons!

Robin Moon

Giant Frickin’ Scissors in The Exorcist III

A nurse walks down a hallway and a robed figure holds giant scissors to the back of her head.

Everyone on YouTube basically agrees that this particular weapon in The Exorcist III is the subject of maybe the best-constructed jump scare scene of all time. It’s simple as can be—after a good five minutes of tension watching a nurse make her rounds and get frightened by small things, BOOM, crash zoom, a figure in a white sheet is walking behind her with a huge pair of (medical? industrial? I don’t even know) scissors that were reportedly made just for this movie. We don’t even see the murder happen, but the quick inserted shot of a statue with its head missing says enough, and later on, we learn that this appliance can close with a tremendous amount of force. I don’t remember much besides this from The ExorcIIIst, which probably means I’m overdue for a rewatch!

Peter L.

Resurrection Machine in Dead Heat

A man lies on a spiked table with electrical charges shooting through his body.

Starting off as a buddy cop detective film, Dead Heat takes an immediate turn to the ridiculous. One of the duo dies, is revived, and ends up going on a wild goose chase that ends with a shootout with Vincent Price hiding in a corner. Detectives Mortis (very fitting) and Bigelow approach the man behind it all, Dr. McNab, seeking revenge. He basically goes “oh hell no” and shoots himself in the face. Not satisfied with this ending, the pair drag his corpse to the resurrection machine across the room and turn it on. McNab comes back to life!…but then they keep going, turning the machine on maximum voltage. It overloads, and McNab explodes. Amazing.

Lor Gislason

Vinyl Records in Shaun of the Dead

Ed displays a vinyl record to Shaun in Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun of the Dead (2004) is, in my mind, one of the horror films that ranks highest in terms of rewatchability. It’s filled with physical gags and immensely quotable lines that never cease to be funny no matter how many times I watch it. One of my favourite scenes is near the beginning when Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) realise there’s an ongoing zombie outbreak and their house is very much unsecured. After dispensing a zombie with an ashtray to the head, the pair goes to the garden to face two more zombies attempting to break in. Failing to do any damage with a basket of household items, the pair opts for a box of records instead. What ensues is a very British dilemma where they consider which records they’re willing to use as ammunition: “Here’s Blue Monday”—“That was an original pressing!” While they eventually settle for more conventional weapons, I’ll never tire of seeing them nonchalantly decide which Metallica album is worth keeping while a pair of ravenous zombies shuffle towards them.

What’d we miss? Can you think of any more unusual murder weapons? Let us know in the comments below!

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