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"Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2011" by Rhea C. is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Halloween features throughout the years have provided entertainment to people of all ages and many of these features are live events. Trick or treating and Halloween parties are the most common events as well as Knot’s Scary Farm theme park events. Universal Studios is another theme park that makes special events for the Halloween season.

ScareZone is a Halloween Horror Nights podcast dedicated to covering the Halloween Horror Nights events provided by Universal Studios. Halloween Horror Nights is an experience to say the least, and the podcast hosts discuss their previous experiences attending these live events as well as their personal thoughts about those experiences. Let’s dive into the Halloween Horror Nights Podcast experience.

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What is Halloween Horror Nights?

Halloween is a special holiday for many people and to be able to celebrate it in through an interactive live event makes it all the more exciting for Halloween enthusiasts and this makes Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights a memorable activity for many people.

To say that a lot happens at the Halloween Horror Nights events is an understatement. Not much has happened this past year due to COVID-19 restrictions, however, there have been many events in the past that showcase all of the spooky fun associated with the holiday. What is perhaps the most special aspect of Halloween Horror Nights is the clever insertion of themes implemented into events. Many of the themes are horror movies or Halloween holiday movie franchises.

One of the most iconic aspects of Halloween Horror Nights is its dedication to recreating certain franchises and combining different franchises into what they call “houses.” Each house functions very much like a haunted house. Imagine a haunted house, all decorated to evoke playful fear but with a theme that is heavily inspired by a famous horror franchise. For instance, take Beetlejuice, the clever comedy-horror Tim Burton film turned into a haunted house that you can walk in with actors dressed up as the characters, jump scares, and many more creative entertainment delights.

Horror movies are not the only themes that can be viewed in the houses, on other occasions, many of the houses feature horror TV shows like Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Halloween Horror Nights not only features their haunted houses but they also feature live shows, “scareactors” wandering around the parks to frighten the visitors at random, rides, dining, and merchandise. All of this is what makes Halloween Horror Nights such a thrilling, unique adventure. The podcasters on the Scarezone go into depth about their experiences of the houses as well as many other goodies.

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“Halloween Horror Nights 25” by Shawn Olah is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Scarezone: The Podcast

There are a lot of Halloween podcasts, but Scarezone: Halloween Horror Nights Podcast has a lot of unique selling points that make it stand out from the rest of the Halloween enthusiast podcast crowd. Other than covering the events of the Halloween Horror Nights, it delves further into the horror genre to bring bingeable content for horror lovers all over the Internet.

Scarezone is hosted by Logan Sekulow, Scott Garland, and Christopher Ripley who are all expert enthusiasts of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. The show focuses a lot of its attention on the commentary of the Halloween Horror Nights experience, but it also features many other fun and interesting talking points such as news, interviews, and even history regarding the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

Most of the news and interviews feature specifically those topics in direct relation to the Halloween Horror Nights live events. Many of the interviews are special features and a lot of fun to dive into. The interviews feature guests in the horror genre who have some correlation to the Halloween Horror Nights features, but sometimes they are special guests that are members of the horror enthusiast community.

The history features of the podcast are of particular interest as Halloween Horror Nights is a Universal Studios live production of sorts. The topics range from past horror movies in the Universal line up, including the famous Universal Monsters like Frankenstein, the Wolfman, Dracula, and The Mummy. Halloween Horror Night houses that explore these older films are discussed on the podcast every so often and are an entertaining part of the show that connects the past with the present.

The podcast has many highlights of note, certain episodes that offer exclusivity or inside jokes. One of the episodes features a live interview on Universal Radio Broadcast Center with Senior Show Director, Charles Gray, who discusses “Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives” which was a haunted house attraction on which Gray helped work. He also discusses the “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy.”

The podcast recently had an inside joke that turned into a merchandising opportunity and a way for fans of the podcast and fans of Halloween Horror Nights to show their love of both the holiday and the podcast. The inside joke essentially was based on Mike Aiello, a guest on the podcast, who is a big wrestling fan and refers to the wrestling Bullet Club. It was called the Aiello Club after the joke gained traction on the podcast and the profits for the sales of the shirts go to the American Cancer Society. It is a fun way to help out an important cause and stay connected to the Scarezone virtual community.

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“Sneak peek at a haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 21” by stranger3113 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Halloween Horror Nights is a perfect live event for horror fans of all kinds and the Scarezone podcast does an excellent job of covering opinions and highlights of the events that happen during the live shows. The podcasters give details about people involved with the creation of the events as well as news so that the listeners can get an enriched sense of Halloween Horror Nights even if they do not attend the houses. It is an experience that the podcasters enjoy and that any Halloween fan or Universal Studios fan will find entertaining and memorable.

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