Tickets for Joe Bob’s Drive-In Jamboree Go On Sale April 23

I once had a friend in elementary school whose birthday was in early December. Whenever he celebrated his birthday, the Christmas holiday got rolled up with the festivities. The times that I was over there with him, it never dawned on me that he was getting ripped off. Just because he had the bad luck of being born close to the biggest holiday of the year, why should he get the short end of the stick? Granted, he never seemed bummed about this misfortune, but he might have become attuned to the idea that it is what it is. I call shenanigans on that; just because there are two celebrations close to each other doesn’t mean you celebrate the same way. Case in point: Joe Bob Briggs and Joe Bob’s Drive-In Jamboree. You might be wondering, what does Joe Bob Briggs have to do with this? I’m glad you asked!

Last Friday, April 16, 2021, Joe Bob made his triumphant return with the Season 3 opener for The Last Drive-In. Joe Bob, Darcy the Mail Girl, and Eli Roth got together for a five-hour lovefest of all things horror. Anyone and everyone associated with the Mutant Fam gathered around their television, laptop, tablet, or phone for the weekly gathering of those who live and breathe horror. Now that the season is underway, the Mutant Fam is now back into our routine of anxiously awaiting 6:00 PM PST for the latest episode of The Last Drive-In. The Christmas of The Last Drive-In‘s return is the birthday to Joe Bob’s Drive-In Jamboree.

For the uninformed, Joe Bob Briggs will be hosting a weekend gathering at the Mahoning Drive-In beginning July 16, 2021, and running through July 18, 2021. For those who have never experienced the thrill of the drive-in, I’ll let Joe Bob’s words fill you in:

The American drive-in is a special institution that’s one-half about watching movies, and one-half about having a communal experience. So our Jamboree is a combination film festival, TV show, haunted house attraction, concert, horror convention, campout, and summer barbecue staged in honor of that tradition. We hope the Jamboree is also a sanctuary for our fans who have been cooped up for a year, waiting to be released from the Plague. We may not be able to shake hands yet or to hug one another, but we will at least be able to hoot and holler.

You may think, that sounds great, where do I get tickets? I love all these questions! Tickets for Joe Bob’s Drive-In Jamboree go on sale at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST on April 23, 2021 and are only available at Mahoning Drive-In.

Logo for Joe Bob's Drive-In Jamboree

July 16

Identified as “Joe Bob’s First Annual Mutant Fest,” the man himself will show his appreciation for guerilla filmmakers. Those who submit their shorts and feature films to Film Freeway’s Mutant Fest page through May 1, 2021 have the chance to showcase their movies with Joe Bob as the host. Those selected will receive the “Drive-In Academy Award,” and JB will present the “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

July 17

Have you ever wanted to see The Last Drive-In live? The Mahoning Drive-In is offering the chance as Joe Bob, Darcy, and the rest of the gang will perform a live rendition of their Shudder show. The show will be projected onto the drive-in screen for all to see and—there may be a celebrity guest or two.

July 18

For the final day of Joe Bob’s Drive-In Jamboree, the drive-in hosts “Joe Bob’s Drive-In of Dread.” Brace yourselves as the Mahoning drive-in becomes a landscape of ghouls, zombies, and monsters. As Joe Bob hosts a double-feature of classic ’50s films, those in attendance may receive a COVID-safe and family-friendly scare or two outside their vehicle.

And speaking of COVID-19, the Mahoning Drive-In will be taking extra precautions to keep all in attendance as safe as possible. These additional steps will include the requirement of face coverings when outside of your vehicle, frequent sanitizing, and hand sanitizer.

Looking for more news about Joe Bob Briggs? We’ve got you:

“Joe Bob Briggs Returns for the Holidays With the Joe Bob Ruins Christmas Special”

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  1. we are such fans,and my husband wanted so badly to go to Mahoning event here, we just sold house and are moving but didn’t think we could go…he has muscular dystrophy and only have a couple years left with him. I would love to surprise him for his birthday July 16 th with your tickets. its all he speaks of.hell he would rather see you than his beloved Yankees. if there is any room pleeeeeze think of him. much love to ya and we will always be your biggest fans

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