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Hello there, friend. I’m assuming if you’re reading this that you love horror considering you’re on a website named Horror Obsessive. If you, like me, love all things scary, I have a question for you: do you also like video games?

Horror Obsessive is a rapidly growing website, and we are looking for gamers that are passionate about being freaked out. If you love things that go bump in the night, creepy crawlies, slashers, or real-life horror stories, we want you to join our writing team. This website is aiming to be the one-stop shop for all things horror and horror adjacent, and we want you to get in on the ground floor.

We are more than just reviews or retrospectives. We value articles that dive into the nitty-gritty of a piece of pop culture, or articles that approach a popular thing from a unique angle. In other words, I want to see your article about how Silent Hill 4: The Room is secretly a metaphor for social anxiety, or how the original Manhunt is actually a Communist manifesto.

I myself cut my teeth on writing about weird, obscure, and downright fun horror games lurking on the far corners of Steam, and I’m far from the only person on this site that adores being scared. We have a whole team of really great people you’ll be able to interact with, as well as people like me. Unlike other websites, we value creative article ideas and encourage our writers to come up with creative, unique ideas that have never been done anywhere else.

If all of this sounds like something you’d like to do, consider sending an application our way! Check out the link below for our so-easy-even-I-can-do-it application process.

Write For Us

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Written by Collin Henderson

Collin has loved all things horror since he was a wee lad, as long as it's not filled with jump scares. He holds up It Follows as the greatest horror film ever made, and would love to hear your thoughts on why he's wrong about that. He's written a couple of books called Lemon Sting and Silence Under Screams, and lives in Massachusetts.

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