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The Evil Dead Game You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

Evil Dead: The Game? Oh. My. God.

After wiping the sweat from my brow and allowing my heart palpitations to return to normal, I can write about the teaser trailer for Evil Dead: The Game. At one minute in length, the trailer provides the viewer with a crash course of all things Deadite. From familiar locales within the woods to Sam Raimi’s trademark camerawork and an appearance of “The Classic.”

What stands out most, though, is the narration provided by the one and only Mr. Bruce Campbell. Yes, the grooviest man alive makes his triumphant return to the Evil Dead as Ashley “Ash” Williams. And don’t take Campbell narrating as only being an off-screen presence. We are treated to Ash in all his chainsaw and shotgun glory. He lays waste to hordes of those pesky Deadites in what looks to be an epic battle, worthy of the name: Evil Dead, complete with as much blood as one would expect bearing the name, “Evil Dead.”

Though the plot details remain close-to-the-chest for the time being, what we glimpse in the trailer revolves around Ash and a group of survivors back at the cabin that started it all. What appears to be a soldier from Army of Darkness assists Ash in the carnage. For the coup de grâce, Ash steps out of the cabin, and we are transported back in time. Bruce Campbell looks like he did on Evil Dead II with a chainsaw on one arm and his trusted Boomstick on the other.

Hearing Bruce Campbell’s voice narrate the trailer and also allowing his likeness to be used is exactly what fans of the series wanted to see and hear. After the abrupt completion of Ash vs. Evil Dead, it felt that Ash did not get the proper send-off worthy of a character of his magnitude. This is not to say the game will be that, but it certainly is nice to see Bruce Campbell return to the world that launched his career. There should be more details coming out within the next few months, but this trailer is a great tease and, at least for me, makes me excited to see the next chapter of Ash and the Evil Dead.

Yes, we still have to wait until next year for the release, but it truly feels like Christmas came early for us horror fans. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited to have Bruce Campbell slip the chainsaw on one more time? 

The age-restricted trailer can be found below.


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Written by Robert Chipman

Robert Chipman has had a love of all things horror for as long as he can remember. His favorite horror franchise is the Nightmare on Elm Street series and his favorite horror director is John Carpenter. He thinks the Maniac Cop series is supremely underrated, Demon Knight and In the Mouth of Madness are slept on and loves what Don Mancini has accomplished with the Child's Play franchise.

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