Who’s Tuning In for BlumFest 2020?

Halloween in the Blumhouse

On Thursday 29th October, film and television production company Blumhouse will be streaming BlumFest 2020 directly into our homes. What an early Halloween treat for us all. It’s the first of an annual festival that seeks to bring stars and filmmakers together across some of the new, horrifying Blumhouse titles. And they’ll all be spilling the beans on exclusive information regarding their respective, upcoming movies.

The festival will drip feed sneak-previews, virtual interviews, news announcements, and brand new, behind-the-scenes footage of upcoming films. This year, audiences tuning in can expect cast and crew appearances from titles such as The Craft: Legacy, Freaky, Welcome to the Blumhouse, and, of most curious note to me, Halloween Kills. And loads, loads more—even from unannounced titles. Some of the more unannounced news is going to directly feature from surprise guests, so let your speculations run amuck.

This is a great Halloween treat from Jason Blum, CEO, and founder of Blumhouse. Talking about the conception of BlumFest 2020, he explains that the festival is

…to celebrate with our fans via a virtual event that will feature exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage on an upcoming release or two.

Sounds juicy. The production studio has had a hand in delivering some truly noteworthy horrors over the years including Sinister (2012), Halloween (2018), and Get Out (2017) to name but a terrifying few. BlumFest 2020 will be hosted by Jacqueline Coley, who is also an editor for Rotten Tomato—a competent choice.

I really hope audiences have something to sink their teeth into from this festival after a rather scary year. Be sure to keep checking Horror Obsessive as we’ll be dissecting the festival for all its ripe content. I’m just praying for another Halloween Kills trailer to tie-us all over.

Set your clocks for 10 am PT / 1 pm ET and get yourself on either Blumhouse’s Facebook page or their YouTube channel, whichever you prefer. Let’s all celebrate Halloween inside Blumhouse.

Twitter image from Blumhouse
Pop it in your diaries.

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Written by Christopher Blackmore

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