Elvira’s New Music Video Begs, “Don’t Cancel Halloween!”

On October 12, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson) debuted a brand new music video, “Don’t Cancel Halloween!” on Nuke the Fridge’s YouTube channel. The next day, it was uploaded to Elvira’s official YouTube channel.

You can check the music video out below.

With lyrics by Jackie Beat and music produced by Holly Knight, “Don’t Cancel Halloween!” uses the tune of Madonna’s 1983 song “Holiday” to express how this Halloween holiday is so different from so many that came before.

Elvira has a history of horror- and Halloween-related music. Many of her previous songs were compiled on the 2010 online-exclusive album, Elvira’s Gravest Hits.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s lives in one way or another, whether in a large way or a small way. Halloween is no exception in that it looks very different this year. Losing or, at least, massively refitting Halloween celebrations, traditions, etc., can sound like a relatively minor grievance in the wider landscape of what’s happening all over the world in 2020. This loss, however, is still a loss.

People who work Halloween events—actors, makeup artists, costumers, ticket sellers, merchandise sellers, event planners, producers, and so many more—have lost income. There’s a loss of a feeling of connection and community amongst coworkers as well as people who attend Halloween or other fall events with friends and/or family, whether those events be parties, festivals, movies in theaters, plays or musicals, or even just going to someone’s house for a movie, games, or just candy and conversation. So, even though there are far bigger issues at stake in the world, especially currently, this song is a fun way to vent and complain just a little bit about yet another thing COVID-19 has affected. It’s an amusing musical choice to put on during your local “trunk-or-treat” event or while in line for a drive-through haunt.

As “Don’t Cancel Halloween!” itself says, Halloween 2020 isn’t “canceled.” It looks different, and it feels different, and while altering Halloween celebrations we’re used to can be annoying or depressing, it does keep ourselves and others safe. Maybe some of the last-minute alternate plans of Halloween 2020 can even inspire future traditions of Halloween 2021 and beyond.

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Written by Jamie Lee

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