Production Begins on Season 2 of Creepshow

The Creep in the upcoming reboot of Creepshow. An original television series from Shudder.

Coming in HOT for 2021 to save us from the Hell Zone that is 2020—Creepshow returns!

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Following the success of the breakout first season, production of Season 2 has started in Atlanta, Georgia. Moreover, the six-episode second season will be exclusively streaming on Shudder. Creepshow first aired as a 1982 Stephen King and George A. Romero collaboration for the ages; it was brought back to life in 2019 to huge critical acclaim and to the joy of fans of the classic anthology.

After a much longer than anticipated wait to start filming, showrunner and executive producer Greg Nicotero says that he has “never been happier to get behind the camera” and that “the cast and crew have a level of excitement and enthusiasm I’ve never seen before.” They missed the original date to shoot by 48 hours in March, a tough pill to swallow, but it will be worth the wait if it is anything like the fantastic first season. Luckily for us, the cameras are rolling, the fake blood is flowing and I’m personally hoping “The Raft” is floating.

Creepshow comes to Shudder with a new TV series

On top of that, Shudder has revealed some initial details about a few of the Greg Nicotero directed segments. “Shapeshifter’s Anonymous” parts 1 and 2, which is based upon the short story by J.A. Konrath (Last Call) will be featured in the second season. It involves an unfortunate soul who ends up in need of a werewolf support group. Next, “Pesticide” will have us watch an exterminator make an infernal deal and is written by Frank Dietz (I Hate Kids). “Model Kid” is about a 12-year-old boy who loves monsters and begins to use hand-built model kits to escape his unhappy reality. It was penned by Creepshow alumni John Esposito (“Night of the Paw“). Also, there will be additional titles and information coming at a later unknown date. Again, I say to you, Shudder, I would love a remake of “The Raft” from Creepshow 2 (1987). I’m very serious about this, Shudder. Let’s talk.

In 2019, Creepshow returned to a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Furthermore, it stole the show and became one of the year’s best-reviewed new series. With an absolute killer cast including David Arquette (Scream) and Tobin Bell (Saw), each episode hit new heights for the series with each tale of the macabre and strange (a guy in a suitcase?!). It’s hard to expect anything less from Season 2, the creators seem to just have fun scaring the crap out of us. Nonetheless, we have all struggled and waited so long for the industry to get back on its feet. Finally, this incredible team can get back to doing what they do best, which is making some of the most disturbing and terrifying things on television. And with the already scary year that Shudder has had, 2021 looks to up the ante and creep you the hell out.

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